Happiness in May

Ooh would you look at that, I'm actually back with a 'Happiness in...' post after missing yet another one last month but it's not bad going by my standards as I've only missed 2 months since starting them last July.
May has ended up being better than I was expecting, well things took a turn in April when something exciting happened and I realised May would turn into a much more exciting month than I originally planned it to be

Disneyland - I ended up visiting my favourite Disney park, well I don't like to say favourite because I love Disney World so much but Disneyland is definitely the most special to me. I actually still can't believe this even happened when 6 weeks previous to going I had literally no plans or was even close to considering it but I went and had the most amazing time. I love going to Disney with Lottie so when she asked me to join her I had to make it work and I'm so glad I did because we had the best time.

The weather - it's no secret I love the summer and when the sun is shining and it's time to get the summer clothes back out then I'm just generally so much happy. I'm just one of those people whose moods are lifted by good weather, so please sunshine, do continue to do your thing for another few months at least, you've only just arrived and I don't want you to do the typical British thing and leave so soon.

Beach day - last Friday with the weather just far too nice to stay in the city, my sister & I jumped in the car and headed to the beach for the day. It's something we love to do and always nice to spend some quality sister time together. We ended up visiting Broadstairs which is somewhere I remember going with my primary school some years ago, ok, a hell of a lot of years ago haha, I really enjoy re-visiting places I haven't been since a young child as it's nice to see how much I remember, what has changed etc, we plan to try and visit as many UK beaches as we can over the summer so lets hope for a lot more lovely weather.

Hospital appointments - I was close, so close to escaping May with no hospital appointments which would have almost been a very much welcomes changed from recent months but of course, miracles don't always happen and my appointment I had for next week was brought forward to just a few days ago which means I didn't quite make it but I got away with just one trip to that delightful place which I'm happy with as some months it almost feels like it's my second home. So here's to a June with no visits, at least I hope so.

Discoveries - don't you just love it when you've been on the hunt for something for ages and you finally get hold of it? me too, this month I was excited to find Sephora at Downtown Disney had an Anastasia lipgloss I was gutted not to get my hands on back in February due to it being sold out and my most exciting find, a pair of American Eagle shorts I'd been lusting over since April but seemed to never appear on their website despite me looking daily, turns out I was a few weeks too late as they'd been released in March and sold out quickly, well I happened to find the very last pair in my local store and they happened to be my size plus were reduced from £40 to £15, well that was just meant to be wasn't it?.

Wishing you all a wonderful June and let me know in the comments something that made you happy in May

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