Fun things to do in London

I don't know if it's just me but, you live somewhere and you just take everything that place has for granted because it's on your doorstep. I so often think about all the places I want to visit, look for things to do around the UK and when I do so, it's never 'at home' it's always a long drive, train ride or even a flight away. Yes, I am terrible for forgetting about all the fun stuff my actual home city offers me and living in the capital of not only England but the UK, there's a lot of fun things right on my doorstep being missed out on.

This summer I really want to do more fun days out closer to home, after all London is such a varied city with literally something for everyone, no matter what you're in to wether that be museums, parks or even quirky areas, we have it all and I'm going to take as much advantage of that as possible. 
This got me thinking about and researching what to add to my list, I think it was just another excuse to make yet another list because I'm one of those people, you know, you makes a lists of lists she needs to make. And I couldn't not share some of those great options with you, just incase you're planning a visit here some time soon or even if just like me, you live here but don't take advantage of the fun London has to offer.

Richmond Park
It's been a few years since I last spent any time here but it's such a beautiful area with bike hire, you can drive around the park admiring it's beauty and wildlife, walk around if you're wanting to work those legs or just go and enjoy a picnic. The thing I love most about this park, you wouldn't even know you're in London, it seems so far from the hustle and bustle of the city which is such a bonus and the beautiful area of Richmond itself is perfect for summer stroll and spot of lunch with a cocktail or two.

A Walking Tour
These are such a great way of seeing different areas of London especially if you're not from the city and want to see more on foot while learning about a certain area or just don't want to get lost

South Bank
One of my favourite places to spend a summers day, there's usually food stalls, entertainment and so much going on and always has a great atmosphere, especially on sunny weekends where you can sit outside with a cocktail or watch one of the many street performers that are usually out

Brockwell Lido
I spent many summer days here as a child and until last year wasn't even aware myself that it was still open but I was delighted to find it is, and I definitely plan on spending a day here myself this summer, well that's if our summer ever actually returns and the good weather we had a few weeks ago wasn't all we're getting this year

Picnic in a royal park
London has such a great choice of parks, even in central part you have a choice with Hyde park and Regents park being the obvious two choices so why not grab some food from a local store and go and enjoy it while relaxing and people watching away from the craziness that is the streets of London

Tower of London
I haven't been here in years, I'm talking way back when I was primary school age, so at least 20 and therefor I don't know what it's even like now and although I've taken very little interest in history since school I do remember really enjoying visiting here when I was younger so it would be good to go back just as a little reminder go what it's like and who doesn't want to see some big sparkly jewels and meet the Beefeaters?

See a show
Great for something to do one evening or evening during the day if it's raining and you don't fancy battling with your umbrella, there's something for everyone when it comes to shows in London so you definitely won't struggle to find something you'll enjoy. Aladdin and The Lion King are favourites of mine that are currently running

Boat ride on the Thames
What better way to see the London sights along the river than from it, there's so many choices for Thames cruises, so whether you're looking for something speedy, something that isn't too long and just takes you are short distance or you can even go all the way from Westminster to Hampton Court if you desire, it's definitely something I'd recommend on more of a hot day though and if you go, don't forget to pack the sunscreen as it's certainly a great way of catching a tan too

There is so much to do in London and this post couldn't even touch the surface with all that's on offer but it's a starting point if you're planning a day trip, weekend or even longer stay here and I'll definitely be enjoying some of these things myself over the next few months as I tick 'be a tourist in London' off my summer bucket list

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