5 TV shows I watch over again

I'll be honest, maybe it's an age thing but gone are the days or rather nights full of cocktails, wine and dancing till gone 3am, ok I don;t know who I'm trying to kid but they've been gone so long that I can't even remember them and we're not even in the same decade anymore. 
I would say my weekends and evenings now consist of binge watching TV shows but honestly, pretty much a lot of my spare time is done doing so and as someone who doesn't always feel up to doing much else than lounging in bed or on the sofa thanks to that wonderful, bad health my body loves to remind me about more often than not, I've worked my way through quite a lot of films and TV programmes.
We've all got those shows we love and make sure we don't miss an episode, but then there's the ones that you're happy to watch over and over, it doesn't matter how many times you've sat through all 5 seasons, you'll happy spend your bank holiday weekend watching once again and I definitely have mine, in fact this weekend I started watching one of those for the 6th time, which is what gave me the inspiration for this post and as someone who is always looking for new shows to try and wanting recommendations then it's only right I share some too

Prison Break - this recently come back for a 5th season after an 8 year gap, and I was just as hooked watching it this time round as I was the first, in fact it just made me want to watch the whole thing from the start all over again, so that's what I've found myself doing and despite this being the 6th time, I'm just as hooked again as if I'd never seen it before

One Tree Hill - I remember when this started way back in 2003, I was at that age where you love anything like this, you know the typical US teenage high school series, actually I was probably just a bit older than the average person watching but it took me a while to grow out of shows like these and I'm not ashamed to admit I still love to watch this one now, in fact the end of last year I watched it from start to end all over again for the first time in some years and wondered why I'd not done so sooner

Friends - let's be honest, there can't be anyone who hasn't seen this show and despite how old it is now, it never gets boring. No matter what you're mood it's the perfect show, feeling down and need a giggle? it's definitely going help, although I can't promise it might not bring some added tears because you've got to be lying if you say you didn't cry when we found out "I got off the plane"

Supernatural - I was once addicted to this show, week after week I wouldn't miss an episode and then it got to around season 10 and my interest was lost, I've started watching the newer episodes again recently and it's reminded me how much I used to love it but when it comes to season 1-8, well there's always time to watch those repeatedly and obviously not just for the eye candy that is Jensen Ackles, honest

Keeping up with the Kardashians - I know, I know, judge me go on, I expect it and I can picture half go you face in your palm as you read this but I just can't help it, I love trash TV, I love reality TV and I love watching rich people and getting pissed off that I don't have a life like that. This show is one of  my guilty pleasures, half the time while watching I find myself rolling my eyes, thinking how annoying Kim is and how it's so fake but yet here I am, 13 seasons later and not only still watching but even re-watching old ones

What are some of the shows that you find yourself repeatedly watching? I think it's time I gave some new ones a try

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