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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may know I'm off to Disneyland next week, if you're not following me then you should be by the way ;) and this of course means it's time to pack again, does anyone else actually hate packing? it used to be an exciting part of the pre trip for me but now it just seems such a chore. 

However, I do find packing my hand luggage a little better, probably because it takes a little less thought and time. I've pulled out my trust Tripp cabin case, I know some people actually can't stand those who take cabin cases rather than a large bag/holdall but for me, I couldn't do it any other way. I have quite a bit that I need to take as carry on including important medications which I would never put in my check in case as I couldn't be without them if anything happened and the case didn't arrive with me and not to mention it's much easier to pull a little case along than carry a heavy bag. So, what do I always pack for the plane?

Beauty items 

I always take quite a few things when it comes to makeup and skincare, I'm one of those people who must wear makeup to the airport but have now got into the habit of wiping it all off within about 30 minutes of being in the air as I've found doing so and then making sure I keep my skin moisturised throughout the flight means my skin is much less annoyed from the flight for the following few days. I swear by The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist and will not board a flight without it, it's definitely my number 1 must have. And of course, because I've removed 'my face' I have to pack the essentials to reapply it before landing so always have Moisturiser, Primer, Foundation, Mascara, Concealer and lipstick/gloss in my little makeup bag to carry on the flight. I was also sucked in to the Disney Tangle Teezer because it is Disney but it's all sparkly and pink, what's not to love? it's a great brush for travelling though as I find it fits better into things as it doesn't have a handle.
And of course it's just as important to smell good as it is look good post flight so a mini deodorant and perfume are always tucked in my beauty flight bag too, and let's face it there's no better feeling than being told you look and smell good after a 10 hour flight is there? thank you immigration officer at Orlando this year, made my day ;)

- Comfort essentials

I first bought a flight pillow when I had some left over dollars at Los Angeles airport some years back and had since never traveled without it as it makes sleeping and just getting more comfortable on the flight so much easier but I stupidly left mine on the plane, strangely enough at Los Angeles last year and had been without one since, that was until I spotted the cute Minnie Mouse one from Primark and of course could not resist buying it.
The two items I will not board a plane without, to the point that if by some stupid mistake I've forgot them I would buy some at the airport are socks and a comfy jumpy, I'm one of those people who walks in the door and her shoes come straight off, I hate sitting around in shoes and definitely don't like keeping them on during a flight so a cosy pair of socks is an absolute must for me and the jumper is a must need incase it gets chilly up in the air which I've known it to plenty of times, especially during night flights. I always tend to take a spare top too and changing not long before landing makes me feel so much fresher after sitting on a plane for 10 hours or so. Then there's the sweets, being diabetic it's always important to have a tasty pack of treats with me, for emergency purposes of course ;)


Despite long haul flights having great entertainment options with an array of films, I still like to make sure I've got some goodies of my own to keep me entertained including my laptop which comes in great use for getting some blogging work done mid flight while listening to my own music and of course I don't leave home without my favourite Sennheiser headphones. A notebook and pen can always be found in my carry on case too, you never know when you may need to jot something down or if like me, you like to make notes throughout the journey and trip in fact as like a little diary to look back on

And along with all those there is the absolute must haves that can be found in my handbag like purse, passport, sunglasses and the very important phone. What are some of the items that you don't board a plane without having in your hand luggage?

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