The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 5

Waking up on your last Disney day is never fun, being at Disney however is lots of fun and so I woke up on our last Disney day with a little sadness but also excitement for another fun filled day in the parks. It was another race morning for Lottie so she was not there when I woke up and not wanting to leave before she got back to the room so I could congratulate her, and ask my 50 million questions, I chilled in bed for a while and took advantage of the useless wifi.
Lottie was back around 10am or just before and after a chat about the race I left her to have a rest and headed off to Disneyland and was in the park by 10.45 or so, knowing that we probably wouldn't get many rides done today due to the crowds I decided to head over to the obvious one with the worst lines, Hyperspace Mountain to check if there were fast passes with return time before our planned meeting up but I was out of luck.
It was now around 11 and having not eaten a thing yet my belly was screaming out for food and after smelling the burgers all week every time we walked past Galactic Grill, I decided that was the only place that seemed appropriate for food this morning and that burger was worth the wait because it was delicious, I opted for the Chicken burger and could definitely eat another as I'm sat here writing this and thinking about it. Stomach full, I slowly walked over to Big Thunder just admiring all the beauty and magic that was surrounding me and feeling sad that I was once again going to have to say my goodbyes to this special park today, there was still plenty of fast passes left for Big Thunder and with a return time of less than an hour away I decided to grab one as I really needed to do one of my favourite rides one more time before leaving.

As we hadn't spent anytime in New Orleans Sq and the parks too busy to be bothered to spend an hour queuing for a ride I next decided to head over there, it's such a unique little area of the park and although small I do enjoy just walking through here every visit, it had been about an hour since I had my breakfast but my belly was asking for food again, it was one of those days, so I grabbed a bag of grapes and headed for a bench in front of the castle where I just sat for a while, wondering why this couldn't be my life everyday but how grateful and lucky I felt to be there, around 12.15 the Disneyland band appeared and were joined by Minnie, Mickey, Pluto and Chip & Dale so I watched them before going to use my fastpass for another Wildest ride in the Wilderness.

And because a chicken burger, fries and a bag of grapes wasn't enough in the last 2 hours, I now needed an ice cream, I was going to skip it till later and grab popcorn because watching the 2pm showing of Mickey & the Magical Map but I found myself gravitating towards Main Street and the ice cream shop and it just kind of happened, I told you it was going to be one of those days. Ice cream in hand I headed back towards the castle with the intention of strolling through Fantasyland but as I got just past the partner statue I noticed the band appearing again and this time joined by Belle & Beast so of course I had to watch because it was something I was excited to see on this trip and had to make one more opportunity before the trip was over, it was now nearing the time I planned to meet up with Lottie so I continued with my walk through Fantasyland, slowly making my way to the Fantasyland Theatre where we planned to meet, bumping into Gaston along the way, who I had no time for because I do not like him haha, anyone else in the 'I don't see the fascination in this man' group?

Another amazing performance over, we wiped our teary eyes as we made our way out the theatre and to Galactic Grill so Lottie could now get her burger fix, you'll be shocked to hear that I didn't opt for a second one. Lottie now fed and watered we decided to go on a bit of a character hunt again and made our way over to the Mark Twain Riverboat to meet Dr Facilier and then tried our luck in Town Square but had no joy, we had hoped to meet Cruella but she had finished meeting for the day. Because we'd simply just not taken enough photos of ourselves by every wall/cute area etc this trip we went back for more by the small world wall before heading back into Toontown for a bit but as it was so busy we decided not to stay in there too long and realising it was around 4pm we could now tick off another must do today, photos of Lottie's medals in Pixie Hollow, Tinkerbell finishes her meets at 3pm in there so from around 3.30/4pm it's pretty much empty and open for you to walk through. Once we got those important photos done, we got in a little spot to watch Soundsational.

Parade over we decided to have a peek around the shops, Lottie had forgot her jacket and as the evenings got quite chilly and we planned to stay to watch fireworks tonight she really needed something, we both actually had our eyes on the Disneyland jumper that seems to be taking over Instagram at the moment and not managing to find anything else she loved nearly as much, that was her choice, sadly my dream was over because it comes up oversized and even in an XS it was way too big for little me, it drowned me so much and I do not pull off the 'oversized' fashion thing at the best of times anyway, dream crushed but money saved for me, we headed back to the Castle for some more photos, of course, via a stop for candy floss (cotton candy to my American friends).

More photos done, because that is why we're here after all isn't it? ;) we headed through the castle to Fantasyland and decided to try and get on Storybook Canal Boats but as we got almost to the front of the line, no it didn't break down, we in fact realised the time and wanting to make sure we watched the last Mickey and the Magical Map because it was our top priority, we ditched the queue and went straight over to the Fantasyland Theatre, on the way grabbing that popcorn I'd promised myself earlier.
We were practically kicked out the theatre after, in a nice way of course, we just didn't want to leave and were trying to come to terms with the fact we wouldn't be watching this perfect show anymore of this trip. Feeling quite chilly and not wanting to watch Lottie beg me for another time on this trip I finally caved in and agreed to go and do Enchanted Tiki Room with her only having to ask once, well she had run a lot of miles in the last couple of days so deserved a treat. After feeling like I'd done such a good deed and sitting through the most fantastic thing in Disney, we walked through New Orleans Square for a bit before deciding we fancied those jacket potatoes on the menu we kept seeing at Troubadour Tavern but sadly when we got there it was closed, I felt kind of gutted as I'd really hyped myself up for it and fancied one so much but it wasn't to be, not wanting anything too heavy for dinner I ended up at the Refreshment Corner for another bread bowl and this time filled with Chilli, while Lottie opted for food from Jolly Holiday which I'm glad I didn't go for as on returning to our table after what felt like about 30 minutes later, she declared how it was so busy in there and with non stop Mary Poppins music playing, stuck inside a restaurant for a long period of time with songs from Mary Poppins playing over and over again, no thank you, I'd rather go hungry. We enjoyed our food while watching the Electrical Parade go by, once eaten we walked onto Main Street to get a spot for Remember...dreams come true, which thankfully was so much easier than the previous night, fireworks started and yep, you guessed it so did the tears. 

We wiped our eyes, strolled slowly down Main Street and bid our favourite park a goodbye, I always feel like it's so much harder leaving here than Disney World for a number of reasons and after such an amazing trip this time it was harder than ever. Once again I left not knowing when or even if I'll be returning but I really hope I will someday soon because this place is so special.

Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world - Walt Disney

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