The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 4

We had reached day 4 so quickly and seemed to be approaching the end of our trip in a cruel, speedy manor and I was not impressed. That's the horrible thing about Disneyland trips, they flash by so much quicker than Disney World ones, mainly because you don't seem to stay as long due to there only being two parks which means you can see everything or mostly everything in a much speedier time.

Lottie was running the Tinkerbell 10K this morning which meant a slight lay in for me, or at least an attempt at one but due to the jet lag and probably that glorious, much needed early night I was awake by about 8 but did enjoy my lovely 10 hours or so of sleep I managed to get, with a nice relaxing morning, well for me anyway, we were in Disneyland park just after 10 and headed straight for Fantasy Faire because we'd heard a beautiful ex thief was waiting to meet us, oh and his blonde Princess. As much as I love to meet Flynn, I'll admit it can be a little, shall we say awkward, purely because I tend to return to my 12 year old school girl crush state of mind but who can blame me? hellos, hugs and photos done and I even managed to pluck up more than a few words this time, yay go me, we headed over to Tomorrowland as we wanted to grab Hyperspace Mountain fastpasses because I needed to ride this again before we left and the standby wait time was never a pretty sight, we even had to queue for a fastpass but it wasn't too bad and it's worth it for this ride.

There was no doubt where we had to head next, the first showing of Mickey and the Magical Map of course because it was absolutely a necessity to ensure we watched this at least once everyday it was showing while we were here, you can not miss this if you're heading out to the California parks. Show over and our bellies we well and truly rumbling now and because we're in Disney that means we can eat what ever we like, even chicken nuggets for breakfast and that is what we did at Stage Door Cafe before heading over Critter Country which was a task in itself due to the absolute crazy Saturday crowds, I've spent quite a few days in different Disney parks over the years but I don't think I'd ever seen any as busy as it was on this day. Critter Country finally reached, with just one incident of having my foot run over by a pram we got in the queue to meet some Winnie the pooh friends, including the loveable bear himself and Tigger & Eeyore.

We ended up just having a little sit down after and enjoying some relaxing time while enjoying the atmosphere around us, we'd managed to do so much this trip and with the huge crowds we had the benefit and sense of being able to do so, heat beaming down on us it was time for my favourite part of the day, ice cream! We grabbed our treats and headed for Royal Theatre for the Tangled show where we could enjoy some shade, more rest and Disney treats while watching a favourite story of ours with a little twist and lots of giggles.
Having not done many of the Fantasyland rides yet we opted to head there next, which bearing in mind how bad the crowds were and it being early on in the day probably wasn't the best idea we'd had because it was bound to be busy but we had a couple of important ones we wanted to get done and neither were Peter Pan so it wasn't going to be the longest of waits we could have been met with ;) unfortunately after about 10 minutes in line for Casey Jr it decided to break down, I'd never done this ride in the past and it was looking like I wouldn't be this trip either which was a little disappointing but it's another excuse to come back ;) rather than stand in another queue, melting away in the heat and burning my scalp further, we headed over to Star Wars launch bay where we could enjoy some air-con and I could get some more Star Wars lessons while queuing to meet a character I actually knew for certain I knew who was this time, Darth Vader. Terrified and scarred forever from the ordeal from that meet it was time for our Hyperspace Mountain fastpass.

Tonight's dinner was planned for California Adventure as Lottie needed to load up on the carbs again for another race tomorrow and me, well I'm never one to turn down carbs and Disneyland was rather crowded we decided to head over there around 4.30pm and headed into Animation Academy as I wanted to see Beasts library as I'd missed it on my last trip. With not long Pixar Play parade we enjoyed more of Animation Academy before heading out to get a spot for a new parade for me, that's right I hadn't seen this one before so was excited to watch. It was a longer wait than expected though as Lottie had said we were at the start of the parade route, think the sun had got to her head though as we soon discovered we were in fact right near the end haha.

Remembering that Chip from Beauty & the Beast was next on the list to learn how to draw in Animation Academy we headed back in there to do that, they came out better than our attempts at Olaf and we didn't leave these ones on a ride at least. Lottie's feet no demanding a rest before another race tomorrow, we headed to Pacific Wharf Cafe for dinner so she could eat up and head back for an early night before another 4am start, deciding not to have Chinese chicken salad for a 3rd day running I opted for Lucky Fortune Cookery again and as Lottie headed back to the hotel I planned to stay in California Adventure till I got either too cold, too tired or a mixture of both but after a walk around Paradise Pier and spotting a short single rider line for California Screamin which despite having a full stomach I couldn't resist I decided to hop back over to Disneyland for an hour or so, via some shops.

I soon realised this was the biggest mistake I could have made, the crowds were so heavy and rather than having the sense to just leave and head back for an early night myself I made my way up Main Street looking in the shops along the way, with the Electrical Parade soon to start I squeezed by way across Main Street in to Frontierland, I wanted to pop in to Westward Ho Trading Co to look at the pins and also pick up my Disneyland 2017 one, I've been collecting the year ones with every visit  to each park since 2012. 

Honestly the park was a nightmare right now, it was absolute chaos and you could barely move and with a one way system to get from land to land it was an absolute nightmare trying to get anywhere, including out and with a fear of the the fireworks being cancelled tomorrow night and that being the only chance we'd have to see them I decided to stick the crowds out and watch them, around 10 minutes beforehand there was a warning they maybe cancelled, they had been the night before but I know with California this announcement does come and they often end up going ahead which they did. The soundtrack started and I was gone, yeah not gone from the park, I mean the tears had started because I was just not expecting what came. Every visit to Disneyland I've had now there have been different firework shows and this trip it was 'Remember...Dreams come true' once again, like I try to do with most parade, shows & fireworks I'd avoided watching them online so had no clue what to expect and then half way through when I thought it couldn't have got worse with pulling at all my emotions, it did and it did it in style, I won't give anything away as I wouldn't want to ruin them for anyone who is like me and likes to wait to see things in person first but hearing a certain very special persons voice get's me every single time and even more so when I'm in this truly special place.
It seemed to be much easier to get back down Main Street while the fireworks were on, so not wanting to fight the crowds when they were over I slowly walked down towards the end so I could make a quick exit and I was back at the hotel and in bed just after 10, exhausted and very much looking forward to a nice long sleep

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