The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 2

Jet lag obviously trying to destroy us we were up about 7am today, I guess the Disney excitement was also partly to blame and by just after 9am were in the Disneyland park with one aim for this morning, to head straight to Toontown for opening in hope that it's nice and quiet to take some fun photos, no to mention to advantage of the gorgeous blue sky which doesn't seem to be a common thing during the morning in Anaheim .

Yes, we did wait about 35 minutes at the Toontown gates but looking back at the fun photos we managed to get and meet Mickey and Minnie in their houses with very little queue was definitely worth it. 

Photos done, we then left the park and headed over to California Adventure with the first goal being food because neither of us function very well without filling our bellies every few hours with Disney food, we opted for Brunch at Pacific Wharf Cafe where I opted for the Asian salad which came in a freshly baked sourdough bread bowl and I can confirm it was absolutely delicious, highly recommend this being on your list of places to eat if you're ever heading to the California parks. Deciding that it was probably not a good idea to do California Screaming' or any other crazy ride on such full stomachs we opted to go watch the 12.30 showing of Frozen, I'd missed this on my last trip and as a huge fan of Aladdin which it replaced, I had to make sure I caught it this time and my thoughts? well, it was just OK in my opinion, not a disappointment but I certainly wasn't blown away, the staging was done really well and the cast certainly weren't bad, although I think Anna was a little too OTT at times, it just didn't live up to Aladdin for me and I'm not sure I'd bother watching again now I've done it.

After the show it was time to go wake ourselves a little and do my absolute favourite ride in this park so we headed over to Paradise Pier via Carsland and thankfully found a queue no longer than 10 minutes for California Screaming, hair blown everywhere and fun had it was time to finally try those infamous Cove Bar cocktails so that was next on the agenda, on the way we bumped into a friend of mine, she's someone I've known online for absolute years from a Disney Bride group, since 2009 and it was so lovely to finally be able to say hello and chat in person after all this time, we put our names down for a table at Cove Bar and continued to have a good chat until our name was called, table ready we said our goodbyes and Lottie & I headed in and hit the jackpot with our view, it was perfect and the cocktails weren't bad either ;)

Drinks enjoyed while just soaking up the atmosphere and watching the world go by, sometimes I think it's so nice when you're at Disney to just sit with a drink or a snack and enjoy the moment and take it all in, it's so easy to just spend the whole trip running around the parks without stopping to realise just how absolutely perfect it all is. We then headed back to the pier for some photos because let's face it, getting those Instagram shots is a very important part of our trips. More photos done, we walked back to Buena Vista Street and bumped into Mickey & Donald before deciding it was time for an ice cream, if you followed along with the trip via my Instagram stories you'll know after this ice cream they become somewhat of a daily addiction, we enjoyed our treats while heading over to Toy Story Midway Mania for our fastpass, yes Lottie beat me again but I do have more accuracy than her so I win in some sense, right?
Thanks to a near empty line we jumped on The Little Mermaid ride as we had a little time to kill before our fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers which I was so looking forward to doing again, even with a fastpass we had about a 10 minute wait but that was nothing compared to the crazy stand by line, this ride is absolutely amazing, not just because the actual ride itself but the detailing and that has gone into making it so impressive.

We were both starting to flag a little now and needed to just have some time to sit down so Animation Academy seemed like a perfect choice and had good fun doing our best at drawing Olaf which we later accidentally left on a ride which was a shame because they were o great they could have definitely been worth a lot of money haha, I kid! Needing a little wake up, California Screamin' seemed like the ideal choice so it was back over to Paradise Pier for round 2 on there before declaring it dinner time and after smelling the goodness that was coming from Lucky Fortune Cookery earlier in the day, that was our choice.
We were now also starting to feel the chill and had about 45 minutes to kill before World of Color and as we walked over to stake a spot we noticed The Little Mermaid was practically empty and decided that would be our hide out for a sit down and some warmth to nearer show time, deciding that one go round didn't kill enough time and obviously loving the ride far too much we stayed on for not 1 more go round but 2 and soon become the entertainment of the evening for the cast members and this is where we left our Olaf drawings so I'm sure they had even more of a giggle if they looked at those. It was then almost World of Color time so we grabbed a spot, it wasn't the best but we had just strolled up with 5 minutes to go and to be honest I'm not the biggest fan, I know, I'm a terrible person but it just doesn't do it for me, however it is still nice to watch. Show over, so was our night because we were cold and exhausted so took the Grand Californian exit out the park and headed back to our hotel for another well deserved sleep.

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