The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 1

I had every intention of writing a live trip report (yeah, I know you've heard it all before) and I'm back with the same excuse, tiredness just takes over but the end of the evening and I can barely make it back to the hotel room and get my makeup off without passing out so there's no way writing a post is likely but surprise I am here now as we've come back to the hotel earlier tonight as Lottie as a crazy early start so I figured I'd treat you all to the fun of our first day.

Of course jet lag hit us and we were wide awake by 6am and after lazing around for a bit we got up with a spring in our step ready for a fun day in our favourite Disney park. Out of the hotel before 8, through bag check where I was asked if I was from Australia, FYI I have an obvious London accent and get asked this pretty often when out here, oh Americans I do love you not figuring I'm english because I don't sound like the queen. Disneyland didn't actually open until 9am so we had a little wait and decided to grab some breakfast before going hand from Le Brea Bakery which was delicious.
We excitedly got let into the park around 8.45am and greeted by characters already, of course we couldn't not start the trip with a hello to Mickey & Minnie, which as always was perfect.

Skipping down Main Street with excitement for our first day and to see our precious castle again was perfect, a few stops along the way for those all important photographs of course we reached Sleeping Beauty's castle and spotted she was meeting so had to do that and then it was time for the traditional first ride, well Lottie's because I don't have one - Pirates of the Caribbean.
We then headed over to Haunted Mansion followed by Big Thunder as both had practically no queue so it would be rude not to, especially as Big Thunder is a favourite of mine and headed over to Fantasyland after to get those important teacup photos followed by Small World wall ones, well you have to get all the wall photos on Disney trips don't you?

Deciding to try and tick one of my must do's off my list, we walked over to Hyperspace Mountain, stopping to have a chat with Mad Hatter who we spotted on the way looking a little lonely, unfortunately the queue for Space was pretty heavy and being people who aren't fond of lengthy queues we opted to grab a fastpass for later instead and decided to hope on over to California Adventure for a few hours before our return time, on the way out I spotted the Disneyland band playing in front of the castle with Belle & the Beast which I was so excited about, I'd be hoping and praying I'd catch this and was very happy to manage it on our first day.

We got into DCA and spotted Oswald meeting and as neither of us had met him before we definitely had to do so and then headed round to Soarin' where the wait did say 40 minutes but as we both love it so much we decided to just see it out, it did end up being more near an hour but the ride is so great so I'll let it slide because it's worth it. We hadn't eaten since breakfast at this point and bellies rumbling slightly we went over to Cars Land for bread cones, not liking cheese, I opted for the Chilli one over the rated mac n cheese version, it was delicious and definitely a Disney snack to add to your must try list if you've not had one before. Having a little while before we needed to be back in Disneyland to use our fastpass we spent a little time exploring Hollywoodland and then finally, on my 3rd trip here I got to do a ride that I always get unlucky with here, it's been closed on previous visits.


Now as I'm not a Star Wars fan I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Hyperspace Mountain but I absolutely loved it, although that's more to do with the actual ride than theming but I've not declared it my favourite of the 3 Space Mountains I've rode. We headed back over to Fantasyland after a caught a bit of Fantasy Faire from outside the theatre before deciding to do the castle walkthrough followed by Jungle Cruise, after which we wandered back on over to Fantasyland, ya know because we jus love clocking up those steps and walking back and forth haha, where we spotted a very short queue for Royal Princess Hall and figured it would be rude not to take advantage, inside, as I suspected, we met Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White.
We hadn't payed a visit to one of our favourite areas in the park yet, Toontown so that's where we headed next and spent a little time before finding a good spot on Main Street for Soundsational which I love so much, after Festival of Fantasy it's probably my favourite daytime parade of any I've seen. Parade over, we had a little look in the shops and decided the chill was getting to us a little too much so decided to pop back to the hotel for our jackets and just enjoy a little relax time before heading back for more fun.

A little refreshed and ready for the evening, or so we thought, we got back into the park around 7pm with plans to stay till after closing for those all important empty Main Street photos after enjoying the Electrical Parade which we were both excited to see again. First on the agenda however was dinner, which we grabbed a tasty cheeseburger & fries from Red Rise Tavern and then took advantage of some small queues for Carousel, Big Thunder (because this needs to always be done in the dark too), Snow Whites scary adventure and then It's a small world and that's where it all started to go wrong, the tiredness suddenly set in and hit us like a tonne of bricks, we tried going on Buzz's Astro Blasters in the hope playing that would wake us up a little but it didn't do much, we took our spot for Main Street Electrical Parade and as brilliant as it was to get to watch it again we just couldn't manage with how tired we were feeling and unfortunately it took some of the enjoyment away, parade over and we made a speedy exit out the park and back to our hotel for a much needed good nights sleep.

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