Dressed in Disney

One of my favourite things in the run up to Disney trips is outfit planning and normally I leave myself a good amount of time to put thought into them, find pieces I need and carefully plan them around which parks I'll be visiting, what characters I'll be meeting and so on when wearing each one.

However, my latest trip to Disneyland was quite a spontaneous one, normally I'd have at least 6 months planning beforehand, at least for trips across the pond but this was decided with only about 6 weeks to go, in outfit planning terms this is major last minute but thankfully everything fell into place nicely and I ended up really pleased with them plus all compliments from cast members and others guests made me feel even more better about them because let's face it, is there much more of a bigger compliment than being told your outfit looks great at Disney?

Many of my outfits on this trip were down to one wonderful Etsy store called Lottie Bounds this amazing, talented friend (and no I'm not just singing her praises because we're friends, she's genuinely amazing and great with a sewing machine) does ears, pockets for t-shirts, skirts and more.

My first outfit of the trip of course had honour my absolute favourite mouse of all, Minnie, and rather than opting for the classic red outfit with the idea from Lottie I went for blue in honour of her vintage look which Lottie kindly custom made for me and wore the same skirt herself in the classic red and white polka dot which I hear she's taking orders for if you want your own gorgeous Minnie Mouse skirt for your own upcoming trip and I would say snap one up while you can because they are perfect and so cute (available here).

The next day I unintentionally (honest) based my outfit around Minnie again, with this gorgeous skirt and ears set from the wonderful Luby and Lola which you may have read my previous review on here, I've recently got more ears and some skirts from them and so happy with everything, if you fancy ears with matching skirts like this then I highly recommend checking them out, to go with them I got this adorable pocket from Lottie's Etsy store. This ended up being one of my favourite outfits of the trip.

I was so excited about this next outfit because I adore the 7 dwarfs and have never based any outfits on them and honestly, don't see enough people do so either. When I spotted this gorgeous Danielle Nicole bag on QVC I had to get it and remembering that Lottie had some gorgeous dwarfs fabric she was making pockets from I rushed straight to buy one and also asked her to make me the cute matching bow which I attached to headband

And then came this absolute stunner, just how perfect is this skirt? it's a gorgeous Princess sketch pattern and is so dreamy, I cheated with this outfit as I had actually worn it before in Epcot on my Disney World trip back in February but due to the awful weather we had all day I didn't get to show it off much so decided to wear it again on this trip, plus it's too beautiful not to wear again especially when you're a Princess fan. The skirt came from Enasbazaar who makes so many stunning items.

I can't wait to start thinking up ideas for my next Disney trip(s),do you take time in pre planning your outfits for trips or is it something that you're not fussed about?

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