Adventure to Disneyland

I remember my last evening last September in Disneyland (which you can read about here) so well, the feelings of excitement to get to Orlando the next day and for the next part of that amazing Disney trip, but more so, the feelings of sadness. I felt so sad to be leaving a park that feels so special, because as much as I love Disney World, we know I do, there is something so special about Disneyland.

I cannot explain what it is, but you feel something that no other Disney park makes you feel,  or at least from the ones I've visited, probably because it's Walt's park. It's the one where Disney parks all began, it kick started what we know today as these magical places on earth and since my first ever visit I've had such a huge love for it.
I had absolutely no idea when I would be back, for all I knew when leaving it could be the last time I got the chance to visit, I desperately hoped not but you never do know and I just hoped that I'd at least get to visit again in the next few years and then, well then Lottie happened ;)

We had the most fun trip to WDW in February and I certainly was not expecting to be joining her in Disneyland too but one evening she decided to drop a little hint to me to come, tweeting -

which I, of course laughed off, well I did that evening for about the first 30 minutes after reading it and then I wondered, could I do this? checked flight prices, checked savings or rather matched betting funds and by the next morning it was pretty much 99% decided, sod it, life is short and we need to jump at these opportunities haha and I was extremely likely to be going and just 4 days later it was all confirmed because the flight was booked, yeah I'm a push over and it doesn't take much convincing to get me to say yes to a holiday especially when it involves such a special place.

It's been the most spontaneous trip I've ever booked and it's felt a little crazy at times trying to organise myself, book things and plan outfits within just 6 weeks but it all came together and now it's here and as you read this I'll be, hopefully boarding the flight for a fabulous 6 nights ahead and I'm really looking forward to experiencing more parks with my Disney twin.

You can follow along on our trip on my Twitter - @sarahlbelle_ // Instagram - @sarahlbelle_ and Lottie's Twitter - @lottiedoesblog // Instagram - @lottiedoesdisney  

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