5 places I'm dreaming about this summer

I know a lot of the time I'm either talking about going on holiday, being on holiday or the need to book a holiday but holidays are more than just time away from home for me, since I can remember they've always felt like my escape from reality, a holiday from my health and although they never actually are because if you've got a chronic illness then you'll know, we can never get a real break from those.

But they help me feel like I'm away from the daily grind of trying to keep myself as well as I can, all the treatment and medication doesn't take a break, although I admit I'm a little naughty and a lot of it does take a back seat while I'm away, I try to get by on only my essentials and I know this is naughty and believe me my body gets very angry by the time I'm home but it's worth it, just to have that feeling of being almost 'normal' because there has not been a single day since I was 9 months old that I've not had to take numerous amounts of medications and that can get tough and tiring, being on holiday puts me in a bubble that despite still having to take tablets & injections daily, I forget about the meaning of it all, just for that little while and you know what, it feels great.
But this isn't a post to feel sorry for myself that I'm stuck with this illness forever, that's not me and despite the negatives it has given me a lot of positives, you'd be surprised, having a life threatening illness gives you a very positive attitude to life, well for most of the time anyway, we're all entitled to our bad days. So we'll move on from that but I wanted to explain just one of the reasons why I'm always dreaming about the next trip before I've even had time to unpack my case and deal with the piles of dirty washing.

Now it probably seems like I only have interest in holidays that involve Disney but that's so far from the truth, it just somehow seems that I end up booking those and then left with little funds to venture elsewhere, especially this year which is turning out to be full on Disney, not that I'm complaining. I've promised myself that next year I will concentrate on seeing new places and shock horror, ones that don't involve Disney parks, that doesn't stop me dreaming of a few places I'd love to try and visit this summer, even if it's just for a few days and or at home in the UK.

Santorini -

There's a few Greek Islands that I've been wanting to visit for a few years now, they look so beautiful and full of sunshine which honestly, what more do you need? the top of the list of those Islands is Santorini, I hoped to visit the perfect looking place a couple of years ago but unfortunately it didn't happen, hopefully one day I'll tick it off my list, I'm always keeping an eye out for good deals so my luck might come up one day soon


I'll be honest and say that Majorca has not really ever been on my list of places I want to visit, I knew it for the party town of Magaluf and that's really not my type of thing but after coming across the gorgeous looking Astoria Playa Hotel, it caught my eye slightly which led me to browsing through Instagram looking at photos of the Balearic Island and I realised it actually looked like a gorgeous place to visit and being just over a 2 hour flight is a perfect destination for a weekend of sunshine. Plus the hotel is an Instagrammers dream with it's gorgeous white, grey and pink colours, I'd probably spend most of the trip just clicking away with the camera.

Cornwall or Dorset -

I remember going on holiday to Cornwall as a teenager and honestly, I was bored, I was at that age where I just wanted to go on a plane to get to my holiday destination, somewhere that I was guaranteed hot, sunbathing weather and didn't class anywhere in the UK as being a holiday and then there's Dorset which holds a lot of memories for me as a young child, before I knew such thing of going abroad we'd spend many summers is this gorgeous part of the UK so it would be nice to go back. Things have changed since my teenage 'a holiday is only if you go abroad' attitude and I've learnt that my own little country does have some pretty little places that are definitely worth spending some time and going back to Cornwall or Dorset and staying in a cute little cottage on the beach is something I'd really love to try and fit in this summer and it would be more amazing if I could bring Minnie along too (for those who don't know, Minnie is my child cat)

Neuschwanstein Castle -

Being the huge Disney fan I clearly am, visiting the castle that inspired Walt Disney's vision and creation of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom's very own beautiful castles, is it any wonder I'm desperate to visit here, I did hope to at the end of last year but it never happened and honestly, I'm not into the cold trips and am now wanting to visit when it's more warmer, I know it would probably look even more beautiful in winter especially if it's snowing but I'd rather be be able to actually enjoy it's beauty for longer than 5 minutes without the fear that i'll get frostbite.

PortAventura -

I'm a self proclaimed thrill seeker, I love nothing more than arms in the air, screaming at the top of my lungs while being thrown around a loop at 60+ mph, which of course means that theme parks are one of my favourite places to visit if I'm not in the mood for relaxing in the sunshine with a cocktail, this is why PortAventura just had to make this list. I've been wanting to visit for a few years now to give the rides a little test, the fact that it also has a water park and now the brand new Ferrari Land has made the appeal of it all the bigger.

What places are top of your to visit list this summer? I'd love even more ideas for new places to visit

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