5 places I'm dreaming about this summer

I know a lot of the time I'm either talking about going on holiday, being on holiday or the need to book a holiday but holidays are more than just time away from home for me, since I can remember they've always felt like my escape from reality, a holiday from my health and although they never actually are because if you've got a chronic illness then you'll know, we can never get a real break from those.

Summer bucket list

The past week it finally feels like summer may have made an appearance, the weather has been so lovely, the evenings are so light again and it might just be safe to hang the jacket back up for a while. I love summer, it's certainly my favourite time of year and just makes me feel so much cheerier than I do at other times of the year, I just hope the good weather lasts longer than a couple of weeks.

The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 5

Waking up on your last Disney day is never fun, being at Disney however is lots of fun and so I woke up on our last Disney day with a little sadness but also excitement for another fun filled day in the parks. It was another race morning for Lottie so she was not there when I woke up and not wanting to leave before she got back to the room so I could congratulate her, and ask my 50 million questions, I chilled in bed for a while and took advantage of the useless wifi.

The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 4

We had reached day 4 so quickly and seemed to be approaching the end of our trip in a cruel, speedy manor and I was not impressed. That's the horrible thing about Disneyland trips, they flash by so much quicker than Disney World ones, mainly because you don't seem to stay as long due to there only being two parks which means you can see everything or mostly everything in a much speedier time.


Dressed in Disney

One of my favourite things in the run up to Disney trips is outfit planning and normally I leave myself a good amount of time to put thought into them, find pieces I need and carefully plan them around which parks I'll be visiting, what characters I'll be meeting and so on when wearing each one.


The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 3

Today's fun started at California Adventure and we were in the park for opening, this of course meant facing the stampede of people grabbing fast passes for Radiator Springs Racer and well, if you can't beat them then join them, so we did just that before heading to Flo's V8 Cafe for breakfast.


The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 2

Jet lag obviously trying to destroy us we were up about 7am today, I guess the Disney excitement was also partly to blame and by just after 9am were in the Disneyland park with one aim for this morning, to head straight to Toontown for opening in hope that it's nice and quiet to take some fun photos, no to mention to advantage of the gorgeous blue sky which doesn't seem to be a common thing during the morning in Anaheim .


The happiest trip on earth: Disneyland day 1

I had every intention of writing a live trip report (yeah, I know you've heard it all before) and I'm back with the same excuse, tiredness just takes over but the end of the evening and I can barely make it back to the hotel room and get my makeup off without passing out so there's no way writing a post is likely but surprise I am here now as we've come back to the hotel earlier tonight as Lottie as a crazy early start so I figured I'd treat you all to the fun of our first day.

Adventure to Disneyland

I remember my last evening last September in Disneyland (which you can read about here) so well, the feelings of excitement to get to Orlando the next day and for the next part of that amazing Disney trip, but more so, the feelings of sadness. I felt so sad to be leaving a park that feels so special, because as much as I love Disney World, we know I do, there is something so special about Disneyland.

What's in my hand luggage

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may know I'm off to Disneyland next week, if you're not following me then you should be by the way ;) and this of course means it's time to pack again, does anyone else actually hate packing? it used to be an exciting part of the pre trip for me but now it just seems such a chore. 


A life without children

It's not often I write personal posts, in fact it's almost unheard of but recently I've seen a few tweets and posts on various places that have, shall we say, annoyed me a little or quite honestly, damn right pissed me of with their insensitive words.


Disney Store turns 30

Let's be honest, it's pretty clear how much Disney is a huge part of my life, it's my blogs main focus and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll know how much my posts are focused on the love of my life too and if I'm not on a Disney holiday then I'm almost certain to be at least planning one.
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