Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 5

Day 5 was such an early start, ok who am I trying to kid? it was a crazy early start for Lottie as she was running the Princess 10K but for me that meant a nice chilled morning in bed as our day wouldn't start till late morning with a breakfast I'd really been looking forward to.

Once ready we jumped on a bus to Hollywood studios, once Lottie had also rested for a bit of course and then got the boat over to Beach Club resort because this morning, we were having breakfast with Minnie Mouse and some friends of hers at Cape May Cafe, I'm sure you all know how much I adore Minnie so I was really looking forward to this one especially as she was dressed in the cutest beach outfit, oh and not to mention the wonderful breakfast treats.
Of course, Lottie had just ran 10K and had a reason to be having a few plates worth of delicious breakfast goodies but me, well me, I'm just greedy and took full advantage of the typical hot breakfast items, the pancakes, the pastries, the muffins and so on, well you've got to get your monies worth haven't you? ;) the food was really good and the character interactions fab, they spent a good amount of time with us and we never felt rushed, it's another restaurant I'd highly recommend, especially if you're looking for character dining that's a little different and not so popular and well known as some of the others.

Once we were filled up we headed back on a boat for a fun afternoon at Hollywood Studios, we had a reservation at a very special hotel. But before that we stopped by to say hi to Moana, I love the backdrop they've created for this, however it did leave me wanting to jump on a Disney Cruise for a day at Castaway Cay, after we went over to meet Pluto who was the only one of the classic 6 we hadn't met yet and ended up being a fun meet, as most of them had been on the trip.
Still having time before our FP for Tower of Terror we decided to catch the next Beauty and the Beast live show which was starting really soon, obviously this is a huge favourite thing of mine to do at WDW, I never get bored of watching it.

And now, finally it was the time I had been looking forward to all morning, now I know Lottie is a little strange shall we say with this ride ;) she has a love/hate relationship with it and I tried my best not to tease her and giggle at her nerves while we were waiting. Once we were back on safe ground we decided to tick of a new thing for both of us, Character Palooza which we got pretty lucky with and met Pinocchio, Tiana, Bert and Pocahontas and then it was time for our next FP, now if you ready my Hollywood Studios must do's list for this trip you'll know I've never got around to riding Toy Story Mania so I was really looking forward to getting to do this at last and it did not disappoint, it was so much fun, as much as I love the crazy, big, fast rides I do also really enjoy these type too and I could have happily gone round a couple more times but there were no more FP's for the day and we certainly weren't getting in the huge queue so it will just have to wait till my next trip.
Then it was time for another character meet, we'd notice the queue pretty short for Olaf so decided to jump in that, he was so great and we had so much fun with him, in fact I think he wanted to leave with us haha! Olaf finally realising he was safer where he was as the risk of melting outside was too much, we said goodbye and headed over to meet Chewbacca, although I was really shocked to find him so big and not green, hahaha, it's ok you can laugh too, Lottie sure had a good laugh at me and realised she really needed to educate me a lot more on Star Wars because I clearly knew very little so what better time than to go ride Star Tours, obviously I'd done this every trip but it's just a ride to me because I just don't know much about the films at all, as you've probably gathered.

After checking a number of times during the day but always finding it too long, the queue for Mickey & Minnie was finally reasonable enough that we were happy to jump in it, I'd never met either of them in Hollywood Studios and was really excited to finally meet Mickey in his sorcerers outfit, this had been on my to do list for so long now but unfortunately hadn't happened on any of my past trips and it was worth the wait because he looked so perfect and the meet area is done so perfectly, i loved it.

We looked through our plans and realised tonight would be our only chance to catch Rivers of Light so we grabbed some dinner before leaving Hollywood Studios and jumping on a bus to Animal Kingdom, however it turned out to be a bit of a mistake as by the time we got there the stands were absolutely packed, not a chance of a seat and so was the surrounding areas, it was looking highly unlikely we'd be watching, however Lottie had a brainwave to check down by all the Flame Tree  barbeque seating and while it wasn't perfect it meant we'd still get to watch at least. Unfortunately all the effort we went to to see it, I didn't think that much of it, in fact I was disappointed and wasn't wowed in the slightest, I'd probably watch it again if I was in the park and there was seating but it's not something I'd go out of my way again to make sure I see. We were both feeling pretty exhausted at this point, especially Lottie who had been up since 3,30am and had to the same early start time tomorrow so it was straight out the park after and on a bus back to the resort for another good nights sleep, well for me anyway because I'm not crazy ;p

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