Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 9

Today we headed back to my favourite park at Disney World after Magic Kingdom, yep we were back off to Animal Kingdom for more Safari fun and trying to escape that dreaded yeti in one piece, would we survive?

We did actually plan to start the morning off early at Magic Kingdom before heading over to Animal Kingdom but upon getting up with the realisation that we had to check out of Port Orleans the next day, how it had come to this point already I don't know but with 'making ourselves at home' we decided we really should spend a little time this morning trying to do some packing and tidying our collection of ears, magic bands and general mess up we'd made.
Stuff organised and life sorted for the day we headed out to the bus stop and once at AK, we grabbed some much needed breakfast of a rather health, doughnut from Joffery's which happened to be the size of our heads and tasted oh so good

And before we knew it, it was time for the day's first FP which, I know it's February but was for Kali River Rapids, now it was 28 degrees so I should have had no issues going on this because usually it's a much needed ride but because of the time of year it just felt weird and I was a little nervous about getting soaked, if you've been on this you'll know just how wet you get, but I was being silly because we were dry within an hour. Once off, we headed over to meet King Louie and Baloo, another first for me.
On our way to do another first for me, which was quite a running theme today, we made our way to watch Finding Nemo the musical but on the way spotted the queue for Expedition  Everest was really short, and never ones to say no to a ride on that, we of course jumped straight in it and then it was time to head to 'the big blue world'. I enjoyed the show, but I do think the music lacks a little, apart from 'In the Big Blue World'. It was then time to head into Dinoland, which I absolutely adore as it's just so fun and colourful, and it was time for me to experience Primeval Whirl for the first time, whah does that ride throw you about a lot. I don't know why but when ever I'm getting chucked about loads on a ride I cannot stop myself laughing, anyone else like that?

As we got off Primeval Whirl we spotted a little photo booth and decided to check it out, we were delighted to find memory maker works with it and not ones to turn down opportunities for Disney photo's, we jumped in and decided to see what silly faces we could come up with, Lottie also decided to pay the $5 for the printed strips which are now hanging in my room to remind me of the fun 5 minutes we had trying to come up with he silly faces and the trip overall. Just 3 more character meets left to do in this park, we jumped in the queue for Pluto & Goofy and then Donald, after we spotted a 10 minute queue for Dinosaur, so why not take advantage.

We hadn't eaten since our giant doughnut for breakfast so bellies asking for food we headed to Flame Tree BBQ, I'd not eaten here before but had read lots of good things, well I completely agree with them all and if you're on the dining plan this place is a great spot for a QS credit as the portions are huge and for both our meals it came to over $44 so great value for the credits, not to mention the gorgeous views with plenty of seating. We took the opportunity just to have a good sit down, it was such a pretty and peaceful spot to take a break in, rest and food thoroughly enjoyed we headed back over to Expedition Everest for our FP and then to Africa where we managed to walk straight on to the Safari, as you could probably tell, the park was nice and quiet today which was great bonus.

Time for a favourite of mine at WDW, Festival of the Lion King, show over and the Kilimanjaro Safari addicts were ready for another one, yes we love it loads, we did have a FP this time but it was not needed at all because it was literally a walk on and so empty. I love that Animal Kingdom is now open in the evening and I don't know if it was just the time of the year, although other parks weren't so quiet but the park literally emptied come 5/6pm and it's great. The safari this time round was even better than any other, the lions were out again, we got close to the Zebras or rather they got close to us and then there was the mini stampede from the wilderbeast. 

Once off, we decided to try and do as many of the rides as we could as be able to ride them in the dark was all new experience, first up, of course was Expedition Everest which has become one of, if not my absolute favourite to do once it's dark, the ride has a different feel and it's so good. We followed that with Primeval Whirl and two rides on Triceratop Spin and then we said our goodbyes to Animal Kingdom and headed back to Port Orleans for our last sleep there of the trip


  1. That donut! I love seeing all your Disney pics. How many times have you been to Disney in Orlando altogether? xx

    ♥ Carly Susanne ~ A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Carly, this was my 6th visit although one past trip was brief and I didn't go into the parks x


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