Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 8

Day 8 of our trip got off to a speedy, rock filled start as we headed to Hollywood Studios for our early FP booking for Rock n Roller coaster, it was certainly a good way to make sure you're wide awake and not feeling sleeping at the start of the day.

Limo ride well and truly got us wide awake we headed to Trolley Car Cafe for food, my favourite Starbucks drink of Strawberry Acai and the most delicious Peanut butter crunch cookie we very much enjoyed while we sat and watched First Order March, which considering I'm no Star Wars fan, yeah I know I've said that one way too many times now, anyway I did enjoy the march and was good fun to watch in the glorious sunshine while enjoying our breakfast.

We'd been having issues with the wifi all morning, and by issues I mean it wasn't working so we were unable to check our fast passes and had to pop to guest services to find out the times and a good job we did as we had one that was just about to run out for Tower of Terror and that's one ride you don't want to miss a ride on so we rushed over to The Hollywood Hotel and being the cruel friend I am, I dared Lottie to ride with her hands in the air because I know how much it would take for her to do and I'd be so proud, plus I just love to dare people to do silly things like that when I know they have love/hate relationships with rides and to my complete shock but proudness, she did it! Finding her new braveness an achievement it of course, called for I'm celebrating buttons so we popped into a shop to pick those up before doing anything else.

We then got lucky because we spotted Bolt meeting in front of The Chinese Theatre and of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity for another character meet and jumped in line before heading over to Voyage of the Little Mermaid but after queuing for a little while the cast member announced the theatre was at capacity and not wanting to wait in line for an extra 25 minutes we hopped out and headed over to Muppet Vision 3D before grabbing lunch at Backlot Express.

Cheeseburgers well and truly enjoyed we went back over to the Chinese Theatre for the Great Movie ride and were about to make our way out the park when I remembered it was almost time for character palooza and never ones to miss out on meeting characters we headed over to see who we could add to our list of meets and we so happy when Pocahontas came out with Meeko, followed by Robin Hood, Evil Queen, Snow White, Donald, Smee, Rafiki, Pluto and Prince Ali, yeah we got very lucky with this one.

We then left the park and hoped on a Friendship boat over to Epcot where we decided to hang out in UK pavilion for a while as Alice was due out soon, so of course we had a browse at the British goodies we could purchase, well if we wanted to spend $5 on a packet of Jammie Dodgers which we decided to pass up ;) it seemed a really hot day today which meant we were taking full advantage of the air con when possible and after saying our hellos to Alice, headed over to Mexico and then into Future World to meet Baymax again and rather than spend our time melting in the sun opted to do Living with the Land, Circle of Life and Seas with Nemo & Friends and before we knew it, it was time for our ADR back 'home' in the UK, yep we were having dinner at The Rose & Crown tonight which was a new one for me, we got lucky and were seated right on the lake edge so had a perfect spot for Illuminations, which although my least favourite (sorry Illuminations fans) it was great view and we hit server jackpot who happened to be our friend Milly who is out there on the CRP. Wanting to do this properly, I opted for Chicken Tikka Masala, because you know, it is the most traditional UK thing on the menu haha

After dinner we walked, pretty speedy, over to Test Track which we still hadn't done this trip and luckily was still open due to extra magic hours, despite a wait time showing of 40 minutes we were definitely on before then and I won't speak much of our car because we did a pretty rubbish job but ride enjoyed as always. Eye's getting heavy we decided to make our way out the park and on to the French Quarter bus again, due to it being much less busy and before long we were once again tucked up in bed ready for a good sleep after another amazing day

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