Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 7

We woke up wondering how on earth we'd been in the Disney bubble a week already, it had been such an amazing week so far and couldn't have been going more perfect, but enough of the dwelling about the trip going too fast because not only were we hitting the shops, but we were also having breakfast at one of my favourite breakfast spots on property, Grand Floridian Cafe.

Unfortunately the morning didn't get off to a smooth start, we waited aged for a bus to Magic Kingdom and with time getting on and still not one in sight we figured we should hop on the Epcot bus and then the monorail to The Grand Floridian, however what we didn't take into consideration was the possible crowds at Epcot queuing at bag check, meaning it was some time before we were finally on the monorail and finally almost there, a little later than our booked ADR but thankfully no issues, we were seated and soon had our delicious food. I absolutely love it here, the breakfast menu has changed a little since I was last here but still with plenty of delicious Disney treats to chose from and I opted for the Mickey waffle with a side of strawberries

Breakfast enjoyed we had a walk around the beautfiful hotel and grounds because quite frankly, it's just too pretty not to enjoy it and spend a little time fantasising about living there and then it was onto a bus heading for Disney shopping heaven, Disney Springs. I'd been here briefly for a couple of hours last September and all the changes were finished but I hadn't walked around it all so had missed just how much it had changed and just how gorgeous it looked now, it really was such a positive move to make all the changes and expand it.

We spent a good few hours and a chunk of money, mainly in Sephora, because who doesn't like taking advantage of this amazing little piece of heaven while they can? half of Sephora's stock of highlighters and lipsticks were purchased between Lottie and I, of course hours of shopping makes for hungry people and where else would we go while at Disney Springs? Earl of Sandwich of course, every time I come here I tell myself I'll order something different but today wasn't that day, Hawaiian BBQ without the cheese fully enjoyed, we hoped on the boat back to Port Orleans to drop our shopping off and headed to Hollywood Studios for the evening.

We were headed there for one main reason, Fantasmic, we both absolutely adore this show and hadn't yet watched it so we was excited to grab some Disney popcorn and enjoy what I consider, the 2nd best nightly Disney World show. We managed to get great seats, just 2 rows from the front, however we did realise, once wet, that we of course were sat in the wet zone, ah well what's a little water? Fantasmic as amazing as always, we headed out to grab a spot for the Star Wars fireworks, if you've read day 5 you'll know that I'm not exactly good with my Star Wars knowledge but I really wanted to see these and they were pretty amazing but of course, not even close to Wishes amazing. With fireworks over and park closing immanent we figured the bus stops would be crazy busy so we decided to hold off leaving a wait a little, well that ended up being a huge mistake because when we left the bust stop was packed, I'm talking heaving and more busy than I'd ever seen one, with a huge difference at the Port Orleans French Quarter queue we just decided to hop onto that bus and walk back to our resort, it sure beat waiting the 4/5 buses we'd need to and once back to our room we were exhausted and ready for another good nights sleep

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  1. Such a shame that it didn't get off to a brilliant start but it still sounds like you're having an amazing time! I don't blame you for spending lots of money in Sephora - I would've done the same! x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn


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