Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 6

Today was officially the point where we were past the half way point of the trip and I don't know about you but it's always at this point the rest of a holiday seems to whizz by for me and I don't like it but anyway, enough of the dwelling because we still had another 5 nights at the most magical place on earth to enjoy.
The day was another extremely early start for Lottie as she was running the Princess half marathon, yeah I know, I think she's crazy too haha but in a good way and I was so proud of her for doing it because that must take a lot of hard work. I had another lazy morning and by the time I rolled out of bed and in the shower it was almost time for Lottie to get back, a chat about how it went and lots of well done's and I left her to bath, sleep and rest up before our planned afternoon and evening began and I headed to the resort bus stop, I wasn't sure where I fancied going this morning so decided I'd just jump on the first bus that came and that happened to be the Epcot one, so I guess that's where I'd spend my morning.

I arrived just before 11 and for the first time got to take advantage of the annual passholder entrance which was exciting, small things and all that, I then decided to FaceTime my sister while I was just enjoying a slow stroll around the park and showing her all the gorgeous sights Epcot has to offer and headed towards France, I was wearing a Belle/Beauty and the Beast inspired outfit I had to head over to say hello. I had a lovely meet with her and of course she adored my outfit which made me smile. In fact Lottie & I both got lots of complements over the whole trip on our outfits which of course went down well with us because there's something extra special about getting compliments on your clothing choices and especially at Disney and when they're coming from cast members. 

Meeting with Belle done I just took it easy and rather than do any rides I took the time to enjoy the park and how beautiful is was looking in the glorious sunshine, belly rumbling I stopped in China for a quick lunch and time was getting near to our planned reuniting at Magic Kingdom to I headed out of the park via Mousegear where I spotted a few bits I easily could have parted my money with for but by some shocking turn of events, decided to be good and then it was on the monorail over to Magic Kingdom.

We both arrived at MK around the same time and text to arrange to meet outside Town Square theatre but as I was waiting for Lottie she text to say she'd spotted Stitch as she walked in and had jumped in the queue so I went over to meet her, it was actually the first time I'd met him in a few years so was nice to say hello again and he was so much fun. Our first FP of the day was soon approaching but as Lottie hadn't eaten and I fancied an ice cream, we grabbed some Mickey themed treats, an ice cream sandwich for me which are my absolute favourites and beat the ice cream bars by miles in my opinion and Lottie needed some post run carbs so opted for a Mickey pretzel so treats in hand we then headed over to Space Mountain. Now I used to think I was alone in this but this trip discovered Lottie was the same too, we both much prefer the right side (Omega) but this time round we got put on Alpha track, ah well!

We planned to tick off our final Princess meet of the trip today, Merida but she was out on parade so as we had some time before she'd be back we decided to head over to Be our guest and see if there was any photopass photographers out as we were both so well themed for photos there today and got some great shots. It was then back to Merida, final Princess met and all within 6 days, yay well done us! Then it was time for more Princess stuff and something I was excited for - Enchanted tales with Belle and we both got lucky because we both got picked to take part, it was only right Lottie was picked in her adorable Chip outfit but I as so excited when I then got picked too, must be that great voice of mine ;) of course meeting Belle at the end and receiving a pretty bookmark from her just made it all even more perfect.
We still had some time before our dinner reservation so no point in hanging around we waiting, we decided we'd head over to one of our favourite spots, yes I don't care if they're toilets because they're so pretty, then it was time for another character meet because that was our thing this trip and up next was Peter Pan. It was then time to do that common thing at Disney which actually neither of us had ever done, we went to Starbucks and ordered drinks with Disney themed names which of course we had to do, especially with todays outfit choices so Belle & Chip it was, and what else would you do with said drinks? go and sit down on hub grass to enjoy them of course, so we did while enjoying Move it, Shake it and before we knew it, it was dinner time.

I've done both lunch and dinner here previously and I know it seems to get mixed reviews I really enjoyed both so was looking forward to dinner once again, this time I opted for the steak which did not disappoint, dinner enjoyed it was time to say our hellos to the Beast and thank you for inviting us to his castle for dinner. It was now dark and unfortunately this meant the temperature had dropped and not having any jackets with us we contemplated buying jumpers but before looking for particular ones we made our way to meet Ariel.

After our little adventure under the sea we headed over to Main Street, I didn't want to buy just any jumper just for the sake of it so was looking for one I'd had my eye on for quite some time but unfortunately it wasn't anywhere to be seen, as we were browsing more goodies we realised Once Upon a Time was starting so decided to give that a watch, neither roof us had seen it and both loved Celebrate the Magic and hoped this would not disappoint and be just as good or even better, yes I know that's a tough and ask and sadly both of us were underwhelmed, it didn't compare to us. Last fastpass of the day was Big Thunder Mountain, a favourite of both of ours especially at night and it certainly was a great ride with almost non stop laughing all the way round, mainly because we were sliding side to side non stop and with that we were both now feeling a little too chilly and heavy eyed and headed back to Port Orleans for a good nights sleep.

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