Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 4

Sorry for the stupid delay in getting these posts up but if I'm honest since coming home I've been so exhausted almost constantly that I just haven't been able to find the energy to even write them but I promise I will get them done sooner rather than later and I've finally got day 4 here for you.

Today was finally our first visit of this trip to my 2nd favourite WDW park, I adore Magic Kingdom and obviously it's my favourite but Animal Kingdom is a very close 2nd, I adore this park for so many reason and I was really excited to finally get here and go climb Everest once again.

Our first FP for today was for Kilimanjaro Safaris, obviously because we all know how important it is to get on this first thing as it's the best time to ride it, or is it? keep reading for my change of heart on this one. So we got into the park just after opening and headed straight for Africa with a couple of pit stops along the way, Lottie wanted to become a Wilderness Explorer so we got started on making that happen and then were lucky enough to bump into Flik and then Tarzan and of course, we couldn't not stop for a hello and a photo, 2 more characters meets under our belts and it was safari time. Jumping aboard Simba-1 and we had a great first safari of the day, yes we had more to come because we both love it, we were lucky to see a young Giraffe and baby Elephant which were both the absolute cutest and all the other usual amazing animals, of course with not much more than a glimpse of the sleeping, lazy Lions which are my favourites.

It was then time for something new at Animal Kingdom for me, boarding a train up to Rafiki's Planet watch< i was looking forward to this as I'd always skipped it on previous visits for some stupid reason and I'd be meeting a new character for me, Rafiki himself who was so much fun. While there, Lottie picked up some of her Wilderness Explorer badges, she was determined to get them all today and become a fully certified wilderness explorer, we then watched the It all started with a mouse show before jumping back on a train as it was nearing time for our Expedition Everest fastpass and even more exciting, our ADR at Yak & Yeti which I was extremely excited for after trying this one on my 2015 trip and it becoming a firm favourite and once it again it did not disappoint. As tempted as I was to go for the chow mein again I thought I'd be good and give something else a try and went with the sweet & sour chicken and then sorbet trio for dessert which were both absolutely delicious.

Bellies extremely full once again which is the usual when at Disney, we walked over to meet Pocahontus which would tick off another Princess for us on this trip and a completely new character for me, once hellos, photos and chat about Meeko done we headed over to Dinoland as we had a FP for Dinosaur, with a couple more WE stops along the way of course. 
Now with Lottie a Wilderness explorer in training we had to say a hello to Russel and have a chat about how well she was doing so far, once done there it was getting to late afternoon and as the WE stations are only open till 5.15 time was quickly running out, so we did a few more together before I went and got in the queue for a priority of mine, meeting Mickey & Minnie in their safari outfits and Lottie dashed off to grab her last few badges and you'll be all pleased to know she completed her task and become a fully fledged Wilderness explorer, yay!

Once the all important meeting with Mickey and Minnie was done, we rushed over to watch the last showing today of  Festival of the Lion King which is a favourite of mine, then again there aren't many shows at WDW that I don't like but being  big Lion King fan this is definitely up there with he best for me. Once done we checked the wait times and as Expedition Everest was showing as just 10 minutes and we had a while before our next safari FP we thought why not, we love the ride and the sun was going down and having only rode this is pure daylight and loving rides even more of an evening I was excited for this one, once we got there the queue was shorter than advertised which was another bonus, the park seemed to rally be emptying out by 6pm which I was surprised about because we loved making the most of it being open longer, it means you don't feel so rushed to try get everything done by 5pm and it looks so pretty of an evening, I'm really glad they decided on this.

It was now dark and time for our next safari, wow, it was even more better at night than first thing in the morning and I'd definitely recommend it, we got to see 3 lions and for a change they were actually being active rather than their normal cat like self of laying down and sleeping. Not only did we see lions more active but we had so many animals walk past the jeep and most of them seemed so much more active, night safari is definitely the new morning safari if you ask me. 
It was now near closing and with an extremely early start for Lottie in the morning we headed back to  the resort for dinner at Riverside Mill food court, I opted for the build your own pasta which was delicious and those garlic breadsticks are so good and then it was a nice early night.

Free dining savings - 
Breakfast croissant and drink (snack credits) - $8
Yak & Yeti lunch - $35 (not including tip)
Riverside Mill food court - $12

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