Happiness in March

And just like that we're a quarter of the way through 2017 already, it seems crazy that we're already in April because I don't know about you but to me it seems like just yesterday it was January, I mean it was February when I left for my WDW trip with Lottie and March just seems to have passed by in such a flash.

I really wanted to stick to doing these posts every month and being strict with myself but being caught up in the Disney magic I just didn't get Februarys done while I was away so unfortunately I have now missed a month since I started them back in July but I really hope it's a one off as I love reading these posts back and reminding myself of the happy moments and memories each month.
So, what was putting a smile on my face in March?

Disneyworld - obviously this was bound to be here, although the trip started in February it did run into March so I'm allowed to include it and to be quite honest, Disney blues aside I think I'll be smiling about this trip for a long time to come because it was absolutely perfect

Dinner dates - My sister & I like to have at least one dinner date each month just the two of us so we can have a good girly, sisterly gossip and this month we actually had a couple of dates which have been good fun, especially our dinner date over a game of Bingo, yes as in the place your nan goes haha, we walked out with a whopping £15 though which we just couldn't decide what to spend on first haha!

Lighter evenings - It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the dull months that we call winter and one of the main reasons is I hate the dull, dark days that it brings us, so I have been loving the lighter and more sunnier days we seem to have welcomed in March and am hoping they continue long into the summer now and winter is behind us for now

Spending time with great friends - Time with good friends is so important and a number of who I consider my closest and special friends do not exactly live close by, in fact one even lives across the Atlantic so getting to spend time with them is extra special and is always something to smile about, even if your time means trying not to freeze to death in what seemed like arctic temperatures or getting stuck on a rail track when a train is approaching, yes real life Final Destination moment haha. So thank you Lottie & Tori for making my March even more fun and happier

Matched Betting - I know happiness should not revolve around money but lets all be honest, it surely does help and put a smile on our faces to see our bank account in the black rather than red. March was a really good month for me with MB and yes, it certainly has brought a smile to my face seeing how much I've earned from it and quite honestly, I have a lot to be thankful for with it because I definitely wouldn't be saying the next thing if it wasn't for this 

Booking Disneyland - When I last left this truly special park last year I had no idea when I'd ever return, I just hoped that one day I would at least and certainly didn't expect March to end with this huge happiness bomb but Lottie practically forced me into it and said I'd be a disappointment if I didn't go with her so I just couldn't not, plus after the amazing time we had together in Walt Disney World it was impossible to say no to her 

Wishing you all lots of happiness and smiles throughout April and hoping you all had a wonderful March

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