Disneyland: my must do's

With another trip to Disneyland rapidly approaching, yeah I can't believe I'm actually saying that either, a 3rd visit to the park where I can walk in Walt's footsteps and it all began. This is without a doubt my most spontaneous trip to Disney and trying to get everything sorted, including outfits which I normally spend a good few months planning has been, well a little stressful but completely worth it

Before my trip last September I did do a post on things I plan to do at Disneyland and luckily managed to get all but one done, I love going to the parks and just strolling around, enjoying my time but I also love to have a little list of those important things I want to get done, just so I don't forget in all the excitement of actually being there because that has happened on many occasions.
I'll try to keep this list to all things I haven't done on the West coast before but I'm sure I'll add a couple of repeats because I love them so much
  • Empty Main Street photos at night, I didn't manage this last time as tiredness kept taking over
  • Ride Haunted Mansion, I've never done it at DLR due to it being closed both previous trips
  • Hyperspace Mountain (same reason as above)
  • Take lots of cute photos around Toontown & Paradise pier, my favourite DLR photo locations
  • Squeeze in as many rides on California Screamin' as possible because it's my favourite
  • Animation Academy, I absolutely love this place and didn't get round to visiting last trip
  • Toy Story Midway Mania, another I've not done in California
  • Pick up the Starbucks 'you are here' mugs, I now collect them so obviously need these two
  • Remember...Dreams come true (another Disneyland visit, another different firework show)
  • Enjoy a cocktail at Cove bar, I'm not really an alcohol person but these look amazing
  • Mickey and the magical map, I was heartbroken I missed this by minutes last year
  • Main Street electrical parade, needs no explanation, does it?
  • Meet as many characters as possible, especially Flynn and go all teenage like at the smoulder ;)
  • Photos by the blue wall, Lottie & I made sure we got them by WDW famous Epcot and purple walls so it's only right we get some at DCA blue wall isn't it?

If you've been to Disneyland before, what are your favourites things to do there?

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