Walt Disney World: Port Orleans Riverside Resort

My recent WDW trip saw me tick off resorts 7 and 8 that I've now stayed at, staying at them all is one Disney bucket list thing that I'm really wanting to get ticked off, I'd be happy enough with just the WDW resorts and as I'm almost half way through them I'm not doing too badly. As you probably saw, the trip was ended at the beautiful Polynesian resort but for the main part, the first 10 nights, I got to call Port Orleans Riverside home.

I had spent some time at the resort back in January 2014, just walking and cycling around, having some lunch and enjoying the beauty of it all and from the brief few hours it had become a resort that I really hoped to stay at one day, the grounds are beautiful and the theming so pretty.

I'll admit, I did not realise just how large the resort was, on my visit I stuck to the main cycle and walking path and hadn't realised how far the resort went back in terms of the buildings, there are more than you initially realise on first glance. We were located in building 37 of Alligator Bayou and although in the run up to the trip I was really hoping we'd be placed in Magnolia section because I love them buildings so much and always preferred the room style in those, I was not unhappy once I'd walked in the room and saw it in person, it was so well done and perfectly decorated. 
Our building probably couldn't have been further back in the resort if it tried, and this meant about a 7 or so minute walk, if not a little more to the main building which meant we probably didn't use our food court and make use of our refillable mugs as much as we would have had we been closer, however come time to jump on a bus to the parks or on the way back from them, it was pretty much perfect as we were the 2nd stop which meant the bus was never too busy on pick up and we were off quickly on drop off, although don't try and be clever and jump off the bus a stop early, you will regret it because it's not a close as you think to walk to your building ;) but the north depot bus stop was almost on our doorstep and with tired legs of an evening, we were very thankful for that

I'm afraid there is no room photos because I was too tired to remember the evening we arrived and honestly, after we'd 'settled in' the room become slightly unphotogenic haha, but you can take my word for it, it was lovely, the only issue I had with the rooms int he moderate resorts and the values come to think of it, I find them so much darker than the deluxe resorts which I mainly think is due to the lack of windows, the deluxe of course of larger windows as they have a balcony but value & moderates only have one small window, unless you're in a corner room and you'll be lucky to have two, in future I think i'll definitely request this just for a little more natural light.

Over all I really enjoyed staying here and would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a moderate resort but didn't love it any more or less than Coronado Springs resort, so would likely go with which ever was cheapest if trying to decide between the two.

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