Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 2

Today we planned on heading to Epcot and we had another ADR I was really excited to finally try, Teppan Edo. We arrived for opening and the sky was not looking as good as the previous day but we kept our fingers crossed that those ugly grey clouds would soon pass over.

Lottie was still having some issues with her Memory Maker so we first stopped by guest services in hope of getting that sorted, unfortunately, like yesterday we still didn’t but it wasn’t a major issue and we continued with our day, as the queues we pretty non existent to meet Baymax we decided to jump in and tick off my first Epcot must do, once we were done we took advantage of the short queue for Joy and Sadness because we’d heard their queue gets pretty long and it was no more than about 10 minutes at this point, 3 character meets down and we hadn’t even been in the park an hour, we were off to another great start today. 

A little peckish at this point we headed over to Sunshine Seasons but as Living with the Land was a walk on and also on my to do list we hopped on that first, then it was time for a Cinnamon roll, does anyone else love these? I’m not the biggest cinnamon fan but when I’m at Disney I just can’t resist them, our friend Milly who is currently doing the CRP had an hour or so before starting work so she came to meet us and we had a good catch up and then it was time to tackle our day. Unfortunately while we were having a nice relaxing sit down, chat and snack the heavens outside had decided to open up and it meant only one thing, we’d have to cave and buy ponchos, our outfits today weren’t exactly rain friendly and who wants their hair and makeup ruined by rain when you’ve taken the trouble to do it, not me. Poncho on, hair, and all important things protected we headed out, unfortunately as soon as we walked towards World showcase it got worse, this ended up being a running theme for the day and at one point we were trying to walk around 3-4 inch puddles, and I’m not exaggerating, considering how much rain Florida gets I’m surprised the drainage system isn’t a little better ;) 
We didn’t let it ruin our day though because we were still in Disney World after all and a rainy day there is better than even a sunny day at home. We made our way round World showcase stopping for as many things that were under cover and inside as we could, thankfully some of the characters are still able to meet in bad weather as there’s locations they can move them to inside, our first stop was Mexican Donald, Lottie had the cutest Disney bound outfit on to meet him so this was definitely a must do today, he of course loved it. Rather than going back out into the rain straight away we hoped on Grand Fiesta Tour as I’d not done it before and it was a walk on, once we were done in Mexico it was a short walk to our next country, Norway where we of course met Anna & Elsa and i must say the queuing area for them is so cute, one of my favourites I've seen, day flowing pretty well so far and as soon as we were done in Arendelle catching up with Anna & Elsa it was time to use one of today’s FP+, and of course it was for Frozen ever after. I won’t spoil it incase you’re yet to experience it but it’s a really cute ride and I enjoyed it a lot, would I queue 2-3 hours for it? definitely not, then again I wouldn’t queue an hour for it either because I’m one of those that if a queue is longer than 20-30 minutes I’m put off and tend to try again later, it has to be something pretty spectacular to get me to queue for longer than that.

It was now time for our lunch reservation, from the moment I walked in I knew I would absolutely love it here and need to come back again, the food smelt so good, my hunger level suddenly increased but thankfully we were seated quickly and our chef was soon out to cook for us, if you’ve not been here before or aren’t aware your meal is cooked at your table, you'll be seated with others if you're party is small as each table holds 8, our chef was so good and gave us a lot of giggles while cooking the most amazing meal I’d ever had in Epcot before, oh you’ll notice another running theme throughout these posts, I’ll continuously tell you how amazing our meals were because we really struck gold on this trip with our choices.

We had to almost role ourselves out we were that stuffed but it was worth squeezing every last mouthful in, it's one I'd highly recommend. Nice and full and rain seeming like it was holding off, at least for a short while we continued our walk through World Showcase, heading back to Future World for our FP at Character spot to meet Mickey, Minnie & Goofy and of course the rain didn't stay away too long and during our walk back came down again with a vengeance, Snow White was meeting by the exit of Character Spot rather than her usual place in Germany due to the weather so we of course stopped by to say hello to her, I love Snow and feel like she just doesn't get talked about as much as others which is kind of sad, I'll always have a soft spot for her and her 7 little friends.

Now considering the weather we probably tackled today a bit wrong, instead of sticking to one area at a time we were back and forth, but never mind because we had our ponchos really finishing of our outfits with such great style ;)
It was off to China now to say hi to Mulan, a first time for me and after saying our hello's we were a little stuck, the rain started hammering down, worse than we'd seen it all day and it was beyond poncho saving us rain, thankfully it lightened up a bit and we made our way back to Future World to do some more Epcot first's for me, Nemo and friends, Turtle Talk with crush which was so much funnier than I expected, one or two kids had us in stitches with their comments. A few more attractions done in that area and both feeling chilly and exhausted and of course, the rain still coming down we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel for a nice relaxing and early night

Free dining savings -
Sunshine Seasons breakfast - $8
Teppan Edo - $46 (not including tip)

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