Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 3

Thursday was a bit of a slower paced day and started with a little lay in which we were both grateful for, these park days really are exhausting, worth it but exhausting none the less. The main reason this trip got organised was creeping very close, Lottie was to be running the RunDisney Princess 10k and 1/2 marathon over the next couple of days.

After grabbing breakfast at the resort we headed over to ESPN World of sports so Lottie could pick up her bib, t-shirts and a few pre-ordered items, and of course a few little extras were purchased and we also spent a little time just having a look at everything. I’d seen lots of photos online of these RunDisney expos but of course never visited myself so it was interesting to see how it all worked, I have to say RunDisney are extremely organised at these events and everything works so smoothly, they do however get busy and queues to pay for any items you want to buy seem longer than ride queues at times which I found crazy.
Time was getting on and we had a Soarin’ FP early afternoon so we headed back to our hotel to drop everything off and were soon on a bus to Epcot, I’ve only done Soarin’ once since it’s changed to ‘around the world’ and that was in California and Lottie hasn’t done it since the change so we were both looking forward to this one, I absolutely love this ride, I’d go as far as saying it’s one of my absolute favourites, definitely my top choice in Epcot.

Thankfully today’s weather was a big improvement on yesterdays so we could actually enjoy some of Epcot’s beauty, as Flower and Garden festival was just a few days away from starting a lot of the topiaries were up and it was nice to admire those, it’s such a pretty time at Epcot with them all around the park. Our other aim for today was to meet Aurora, or rather for Lottie to because she had her 'make it pink, make it blue' outfit on, I stood that one out because my dress was red and completely clashed, yes these things bother me haha, we had a little time before needing to head over to Fort Wilderness for the evening fun we had planned and as Belle was due to be out soon we jumped in the queue to meet her, it was only day 3 of our trip and we were only 2 Princess away from having met them all already, we loved how well we were doing with our character meets as it’s something we both love to do while at Disney and we were definitely taking full advantage and meeting as many as possible.

Time was now getting on and we grabbed our usual Starbucks orders and made our way out of Epcot and on the monorail to Magic Kingdom followed by a bus to Fort Wilderness for what would become one of our favourite memories and most fun evenings of the whole trip or any Disney trip we've ever had, tonight we would be enjoying BBQ food and country music with some Disney favourites at Mickey's backyard BBQ.

I never hear many people talk about this, in fact I can't recall anyone mentioning they've done it and I feel like we've discovered some hidden little gem because honestly, it was amazing and I highly recommend everyone do it, you're joined by Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale and Goofy for an evening of dancing and delicious food, it's such a fun few hours and did I say how yummy the food is? well, it is.
It starts around 5.30 and goes on for about 2.5 - 3 hours, so a great amount of time, if you're looking for something a bit different to do with characters and food included then I'd highly recommend it.

Country music and dancing with Mickey and the gang over, we decided to spend the last few hours of the evening at Magic Kingdom and took advantage of it being less busy than our visit a couple of days ago, we even managed to get a couple of last minute fast passes. To start our late evening in the park we got a great spot to watch Wishes, everyone was sat down and it was set to be perfect, I was so excited to watch Wishes with such a great view and sitting as it's not something I'd done before, unfortunately about 5 minutes before it started everyone decided to stand up, IDIOTS! It was still a great view and pretty perfect spot, however half way through we opted to jump out the crowd and make a dash for our Buzz fastpass. Galactic hero status not met, we made our way over to Haunted Mansion for our last fastpass and once done there we had a very, very small window of time to get to Big Thunder Mountain before park closing and thankfully we made it, and I'm so glad we did because I love riding this in the dark, it's so much more fun and we had a great giggle as we flew about in our seats.

With the park now officially closed, we slowly walked back towards the castle to hang about and wait for Main Street to empty, I love getting my empty Main Street photos and just sitting by the castle after closing as everyone leaves, there's something really magical about those little moments to me. I was surprised to see one or two photopass photographers left on Main Street so we took full advantage and got some shots, unfortunately I won't be sharing them because thanks to Florida messing with my hair as always, I look like I have a birds nest on my head haha! We were absolutely shattered by this point and made our way out the park and back to our hotel where we again fell into bed, definitely ready for a nice amount of sleep after another magical day.

Free dining savings - 
Breakfast at Riverside Mill Court - $10
Starbucks - $5
Mickey's backyard BBQ - $70 (including tip)

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  1. Looks like a great day!!
    I've had one Dreams that everyone sat down at the front, that was so so lovely!
    It's on our list to try an empty Main Street, as we've not done it in WDW, so it's nice to know that you've done it! xx


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