Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories: Disney World day 1

I know, I know, I am such a bad blogger, I had every intention of doing a daily trip report during this trip or at least every other day but it just didn’t happen. If I’m honest, I was good for nothing more than collapsing in my bed at the end of every day which is why it didn't happen but I’m here now and ready to tell you all about it.

I honestly cannot even put into words how amazing this trip has been, if you follow me on Twitter  you’ve probably seen me say that a few times throughout the last couple of weeks but it’s true, it’s been my best trip ever. Sharing the Disney magic with someone who truly gets it as much as you do and not to mention is like your Disney soul mate really does make it all the more fun.

After the dreaded 9 hour flight, well I say dreaded but if I’m honest I quite like flying, it just becomes  a situation you’re ready to be over after about 6 hours espcially when you’re so excited to get to your destination, I met with Lottie down at Magic express and within moments we were on our bus and soon headed to 10 glorious nights at Port Orleans Riverside resort and somewhere extra special for our 11th and final night.

Of course, we were the last drop off but soon enough we were checked in, had collected the parcels we’d had sent to the resort and were off to our room in the Alligator Bayou section, as soon as we walked in, we of course did the standard procedure of checking out the bathroom, details around the room and pulling any drawers and opening any doors to see what, if anything was behind them. A quick unpack, change of shoes for me because I was boiling hot in boots and socks and very tiredly we headed over to the food court to grab our resort mugs which were included in our free dining plan, some chips & nuggets to go with it and we were soon heading back to our room, exhausted and ready for a good sleep before our first full day which of course had to be Magic Kingdom.

The first day excitement had us awake before the alarm went off and we were soon bouncing out of bed, into the shower and on the bus to a day of magic, pixie dust and fun. We had a breakfast reservation before official park opening so after a short wait we were let in the park around 7.45 and were beaming from ear to ear walking down Main Street, there was probably a tear or two as well, because who doesn’t get emotional when seeing the castle for the first time on each trip? some obligatoey shots on a very quiet Main Street and some twirls in front of the castle, because we just had to in our Princess tulle skirts and it was now time for our breakfast reservation. We checked in at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and got to meet the Princess with the glass slipper herself, before heading upstairs to be greeted by an amazing server, just the first of many wonderful cast members we experienced on this trip, then we started what seemed to be a running theme for the trip, ordering the same food, and before we knew it the first Princess of the 4 (Cinderella not included) we got to meet appeared, we had such a wonderful experience here, getting to meet Aurora, Ariel, Snow White & Jasmine. If you’re considering booking here then I highly push you to do it, the experience, food, character interaction and setting were all amazing, it had been one that was on my list of wanting to do for a good few years now and I’m so glad we booked it and I’ve finally got to experience eating in the castle, I couldn't think of a more magical way to start our trip.

Bellies full it was time to be let loose in the park, I don’t have a first traditional ride but Lottie does so I was happy to let her stick with her tradition and we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean but made sure to stop at a few spots along the way to get those important wanted photos while the park was still nice and empty and as we bumped into two cheeky Chipmunks along the way who we just had to stop and say hi to, they were on top form as always and we had such a fun interaction with them, we did a few more rides and met some more characters before deciding to grab a Starbucks and of course, what else would we do than go find a spot on the hub grass to enjoy our drinks while taking all the much needed photos. 

Our day was going so perfectly, although the crowds seemed to really be getting larger the more the afternoon went on it did not stop us, before we knew it, it was time for another of our FP+ and this time for one of my favourites, 7 Dwarfs mine train :) I love this ride but I do wish it were longer, it really makes the crazy queues not seem worth it, if it wasn't for fast passes I definitely wouldn't ride it on any trip because 100+ minutes of queuing is just no fun, I don't think there's any ride that could get me to do that though.
We found ourselves just strolling around the park, taking in all the magic and enjoying every moment and next thing we found ourselves in the queue to meet Jasmine & Aladdin, we were doing so well with characters meets today, it was still before 3pm on our first day and we'd already met 13!

It was now about 2.30 and time to grab a spot for Festival of Fantasy parade, unfortunately it was pretty busy and a great spot didn't happen and then the view we did was ruined just as it started by one of *those* parents and her children, anyway no moaning on here. Having not eaten since our breakfast and knowing usual dinner time would likely be crazy, we opted for a late lunch/early dinner of a tasty Chicken club sandwich & fries from Cosmic Ray's.

With queue times all pretty crazy our options weren't huge but there wasn't much of a wait for Philharmagic and with it's seating and air con it seemed like the perfect choice, not to mention the fact I love it and haven't watched it since my trip in 2012. Lottie was having some issues with her Memory Maker and we then decided to have a stroll down Main Street to try and sort that out, unfortunately we didn't but then something a little more crazier did, yes a special purchased made :)

We were both starting to feel achey and tired now but really hoping to get a very special photo we'd been seeing on Instagram over the past week we strolled back to the Tangled toilets area for a sit down an hoped then hoped some more and then it happened......the lantern showed up!

This was such a special moment for us, something we'd really hoped would happen and it just ended our first magical day so wonderfully, not a chance of getting a spot on Main St for Wishes and quite honestly, too tired to try and fight the crowds for one, we decided to watch from Fantasyland and headed as soon as it was finished we made our way out the park and straight to bed for us after a perfect first day.

Free dining savings -
Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast - $55 (not including tip)
Cosmic Ray's $15
Starbucks $5


  1. wonderful! I love the lantern picture and the one of both of you on the hub! So cute!

  2. Lovely day! You both looked amazing, love that you matched. The photo of you both looking towards the castle is probably one of my favs, and you look like a true beauty in the one holding the lantern xx


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