WDW must do's: Epcot

I figured I would leave my least favourite park till last, I know so many people love Epcot and I certainly enjoy it, especially more than I used to and my love grows for it with each visit. World showcase is amazing but, it does happen to be my least favourite WDW park, sorry Epcot fans.

Thinking about this one I realised there was more I hadn't done at Epcot than I first realised, in fact I've never been on any of the rides around World showcase, honestly I don't know how this has happened but it just has, there's also things I've done and will never, ever, even consider doing again, yes I'm talking about you Mission Space, you evil! 

Meet Baymax - this is a huge priority for me, I'm such a Baymax fan and am still yet to me him so I cannot wait to give him a hug and of course a fist bump because, if I don't, well then it's like I never even met him

Frozen ever after - I've stayed away from most spoilers of this ride, that means I've seen no video clips, skipped through if it's featured in a vlog and only seen the odd photo because honestly, I hate spoiling new things so I'm really looking forward to experiencing this one and thankfully we have a FP+ booked because the last time I kept an eye on queue times they weren't pretty

Living with the Land - While this doesn't look like the most thrilling and exciting thing to do at Epcot I see so many photos on Instagram from it and think it's crazy that I still haven't stepped aboard the boat and been on it myself so this trip I intend to tick it off

Grand Fiesta tour - this is another one I cannot believe I still haven't done, I love spending time in 'Mexico' so gawd know's how this one has passed me by time after time but not anymore because this is another thing finally going to be done on this trip

And there it is, some of my priorities for new things I want to do on this trip, let's hope I manage to complete all the things I want to do on my lists for Magic KingdomAnimal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios too

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