Happiness in January

Hello February! It's done, it's over and we can all move on, yes the month of the year that everyone seems to hate has passed, January blues be gone. But it's not all bad, surely you all had a few things that were good about the month, I mean just the January sales are a reason to be happy aren't they?
So, on with my highlights and reasons I had to be happy during chapter 1 of 2017...

Day in Brighton - It was probably the coldest day of the year but last week my sister & I took a drive to Brighton to have some quality time together and for something else very specific which I'll get onto next. We enjoyed some good food, played in the arcades like when we were kids, froze and did a little shopping, it was a lovely day out and reminded me just how much I love it down there on the south coast, we'll definitely be heading back for another visit but maybe this time we'll wait till it's just a bit warmer ;)

Lip fillers - yes I did it, after about a year of seriously considering it, I finally plucked up the courage and went to the amazing Allison Jeffery in Brighton to have my lips 'fixed' I know you're probably thinking why but I had a couple of insecurities and issues with them that were beginning to bother me more and more and honestly, it's one of the best decisions I've made. I only opted for a very small amount for the first time but I'll definitely be having a little more when I go again, because yes I'm definitely going again. Alison was absolutely brilliant and you can hardly tell I've had fillers (which is what I wanted) but best of all, the pain was very minimal and not even close to the degree I expected

Shopping - well who wouldn't smile when they've been buying themselves goodies and thanks to the January sales I managed to get myself a few bargains, oh ASOS how I love you and not to mention the new bits I was needing in preparation for my Disney World trip this month

Cake, cake & more cake - January means one major event for me, my birthday which means I enjoyed plenty of yummy cake including some delicious treats at the afternoon tea I went to, which of course is a highlight of the month itself and all those delicious treats brought me a lot of happiness, if you've not figured it out yet, food is definitely a way to my heart!

Mickey mail - with Lottie & I's trip just a matter of weeks away now it was of course time for that wonderful envelope to pop through the letter box and it did a couple of weeks ago. No matter how many times I receive these envelopes and the little book that comes with it I will never not get excited and have to sit there with a cup of tea and read through it all

What has been one thing that's brought you happiness and made you smile during January?

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