It's Walt Disney World time

It's finally here, I feel like I've waited forever for this trip and I guess I have really because it was booked last April, I know that's less than a year and I've previously waited longer for trips but this one has definitely taken its sweet ass time to come around haha, at last though the time has finally arrived and tomorrow Lottie & I will be stepping on the plane for 11 nights of magic.

JORD Wood Watches

I'd be lying if I said I was a huge watch fan, in fact I don't often take much notice of them unless they have something really special or different about them and when JORD wood watches got in touch I was instantly intrigued and after taking a look at these amazing, unique watches I fell in love and had to say yes to one.

WDW must do's: Epcot

I figured I would leave my least favourite park till last, I know so many people love Epcot and I certainly enjoy it, especially more than I used to and my love grows for it with each visit. World showcase is amazing but, it does happen to be my least favourite WDW park, sorry Epcot fans.

Small business spotlight: Tiki Candle Company

It's time for another small business spotlight and as I've been burning candles like they're going out of fashion lately, I figured it was a great time to focus on my go to company for Disney inspired candles, The Tiki Candle Company 

Happiness in January

Hello February! It's done, it's over and we can all move on, yes the month of the year that everyone seems to hate has passed, January blues be gone. But it's not all bad, surely you all had a few things that were good about the month, I mean just the January sales are a reason to be happy aren't they?
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