WDW must do's: Hollywood Studios

Oh wow, how did my next Disney World trip get so close, it's less than 4 weeks away now and it's suddenly very much hit me that soon I'll be back 'home' and the excitement is beyond a normal level right now, my outfits are still not completely finalised, my shopping list is not done but February seems to be getting closer by the second so I really better get those things sorted, but for now, what am I excited to experience at Hollywood Studios for the first time I hear you ask.

Because the park isn't full of attractions to keep you busy for a good couple of days as much as the others are but despite that, even after a few trips to the magic there are still things I'm yet to experience out in Disney World but Hollywood Studios is definitely the park I found hardest to write this list for because it's the one park that I have done almost everything it has to offer but of course, there are a few exceptions so here we go 

Toy story - I actually can't believe I'm even admitting this one because honestly, I truly feel ashamed and embarrassed. It's such a spoke about ride, it's raved about so much and yet here I am, a WDW fanatic who still hasn't rode it and to be honest it's probably hugely down to the same reason I've not experienced some other things in the parks, my previous holiday companions but this trip I'm certain I'll be riding it a few times to make up for my bad past behaviour 

Character palooza - This is something that until maybe last year I didn't even know existed because shock horror I don't know everything about WDW, I know that's disappointing to hear isn't it? My love for character meets has just grown and grown over the last couple of years so this is something I'm really hoping to do this year and hopefully meet some new characters that I've not had a chance to previously, because let's face it, I can't keep stalking Minnie on every trip to Disney haha!

Star Wars: A galactic spectacular - Now I am not a Star Wars fan, actually scrap that because I'd have to have watched the films and not enjoyed them to declare myself not a fan but I haven't even seen the films so who knows, maybe I'd love them but I did try once and turned off after about 10 minutes because I just couldn't get into it but I'm really looking forward to watching this because I've seen a lot of talk about it and let's face it, Disney know how to put on a show so I'm sure it's bound to be amazing

Indiana Jones stunt show - Now I'm sure I've seen this, pretty sure in fact so this one is cheating a little because all things listed are meant to be new things for me, however I don't really remember it and I'm pretty sure I've only seen it once and way back on my first trip so it's as good as a new thing for me

I'd love to hear what some of your favourite things to do at Hollywood Studios are? personally I can't go there and not watch Beauty & the Beast and ride Tower of terror at least a couple of times

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