WDW must do's: Animal Kingdom

You may think over planning a holiday takes away all the fun and while I would normally agree in most circumstances, when it comes to Disney World I feel like it's so different and actually careful planning helps make the trip even more better than it otherwise would be.

And though some people would probably stop at ADR's and a rough daily schedule for what parks to visit, I take my WDW trip planning very seriously, I also love writing a list for my must do's in each park and after sharing what new thing's I'm really hoping to do at Magic Kingdom recently, today we're talking Animal Kingdom must do's. Everything on these lists are all stuff I've not got around to doing on previous trips which is why I'm hoping to get them done this time. So, on with my Animal Kingdom priorities

Finding Nemo - The Musical - This is an absolute must on this trip for me, it was on my trip back in September 2015 but unfortunately it didn't happen and I was rather gutted but I know this trip I will finally see it, holidaying with someone who loves and appreciates the parks and everything about them makes things so much more fun and easier 

Adventures Outpost - I've met my favourite mice in a few different outfits now but never at Animal Kingdom in their adorable safari outfits so I'm really hoping I can tick this of my list of things I've done at Disney this trip. I just love meeting characters in all different outfits especially the boss and my ultimate favourite, Minnie

Primeval Whirl - I love the rides, yes I love Disney for the atmosphere, meeting characters and the magic but I'm a big fan of rides, unless they're off the teacup variety that is ;) and Primeval Whirl is one I've not yet had the chance to do and as much as I love to do my repeat favourites it's always great fun jumping on a new ride and experiencing it for the first time

Meet Rafiki - The Lion King is by far one of my favourite films ever, not just Disney films but films full stop and I'm yet to meet any characters from it, I know not many appear in the parks so meeting them isn't always the easiest of tasks anyway but as Rafiki is one of the easiest I'm definitely adding that to my must do's for February

What are your favourites things to do at Animal Kingdom?


  1. Great list - we managed to meet Rafiki on our last trip. He was outside on the right before you queue to go in the park. And just a tip - if you don't like the teacups because of the spinning you may want to give Primeval Whirl a miss because there is a fair bit of spinning. But its easy to watch the entire ride and decide for yourself. Hope you have an awesome time! I'm not going back until 2020 :( x

    1. I've watched it on a few youtube videos and hoping it wasn't too bad, but I'll definitely take that into consideration and really think it through before getting on because Teacups are my idea of hell.
      Thank you, it's horrible having a long wait but will be worth it once you're there :)


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