Small business spotlight: Happiest Fitness Co

Today's small business is focusing on the wonderful Disney inspired fitness wear from The happiest fitness co, this amazing little business is owned by the lovely Lottie, over at one of my favourite blogs Lottie Does.

What I love most about Lottie and her business, aside from the obvious being the amazingly cute t-shirt designs, I mean, that 'Oh Boy!' collection is just amazing, is the amount of passion Lottie has for what she does. With a job/business where you're designing products or making things I think it's really important for that person to truly have a love and passion for it, the more they love it then the more that will show in their work and dedication and Lottie certainly put's everything into her work.

The fact that she is an absolute huge Disney fan and has a passion for fitness makes her the perfect person to turn to for your Disney inspired fitness clothing & accessories, but even if you're like me and not in to fitness at all then don't let that stop you buying these goodies if you love them, I can't remember the last time I stepped in a gym or worked out but I still couldn't resist the Glass slipper camp vest and Oh boy! V neck tee to add to my Disney wardrobe.
I cannot wait to see what collections Lottie comes out with next and I'm hoping the adorable Zootropolis inspired t-shirt she is currently offering for pre order is a little clue.

Shop: The Happiest Fitness Co // Instagram: The happiest fitness co // Twitter: Happiest fitness

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