My 2017 goals

When a new year rolls around so many people set themselves resolutions and goals and I love reading and hearing about them, I wish them all the best for sticking to them and achieving those goals but for me, resolutions just don't work because I never really stick to them, so a few years back I decided to just stop making them and instead, stick to setting goals.

I try not to aim too high by setting myself a crazy amount of goals that I likely wouldn't be able to achieve, for me it's not worth making a list of a 100 goals from which I could only concentrate working on a few of those so I set a few larger goals and a number of smaller ones as achieving them definitely works better for me this way.
  • Save money
  • Visit 3 new places
  • Be stricter with myself when it comes to my health
  • Drink more water
  • Have more self confidence 
  • Stop hoarding things I no longer need/use
  • Improve my photography
  • See more of the UK
  • Meet up with more Disney/Blogger friends
  • Spend lots of time with my wonderful friends
  • Cook from fresh more
  • Take up a new hobby

Of course, as well as goals related to my personal life I've also set myself ones related to my blog and other social media
  • 3000 Instagram followers
  • 300 Bloglovin' followers
  • 2000 Twitter followers
  • 3 blog posts each week
  • Post more some outfit posts frequently
  • Comment on more others posts

What are some of your main hopes, goals or resolutions for the year ahead?


  1. Great list. I love visiting new places. Have you decided what your new hobby will be?
    Kate xx

    1. I haven't yet, it's actually harder to think of something than I thought it would be

  2. These are such wonderful goals! I love how you have personal and blogger goals; I did this too! I think it's important to focus on both aspects of life ☺

    - amy 💜✨

    1. It's definitely good to focus on both, when you're feeling a bit fed up with one aspect you can just focus on the other ;)

  3. I have tried not to make resolutions, this year but just trying to mix it up, and concentrate on more of the things that actually make me happy.


    1. That's a great way to head in to a new year, focusing on our happy things is definitely a great, positive way to look forward and live :)

  4. I have *got* to start looking after myself and drinking more water too! Some day soon it's going to sink in that this is something I need to do!

    Aoife |

    1. It can be so hard to just get in the right frame of mind and really stick to it, hope you find yourself at the point of just doing it soon


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