Happiness in December

Happy New Year! I honestly can't get my head around the fact that it's now 2017, it's so cliche but last year seemed to go by in the flash of an eye and here we are, at the start of a fresh year and it's our to grab by the horns and turn it into a year to remember, a year full of great memories, lots of laughter and plenty of special moments, at least I hope that's how it goes for not only myself but every single one of you.

I hope these posts over the next 12 months are full of so many great things to share that have made me happy but for now, here's what brought me smiles and happiness in the last month of 2016.

Copenhagen - Everyone that knows me will know how much I love to travel, there isn't much that can compete with making me more happy than traveling, wether it be returning to a place I love or experiencing somewhere new and December was a good month for that and it started with a fun, filled but cold weekend in Copenhagen. It had been somewhere I'd wanted to visit for sometime and it did not let me down, it's such a lovely little city and I finally got to see The Little Mermaid statue in person and have a great, festive day at Trivolli Gardens. If you haven't read about the trip, you can do so here

Christmas advent calendar - My sister and I decided to give our christmas gifts for each other a little differently this year, rather than doing them all on Christmas day we opted to buy each other The Disney Store advent calendar and fill it with cute little gifts, sweets and notes throughout December, it was so much fun to put together and even more fun waking up each morning and checking each box to see what would be today's gift or if they'd be a cheeky little note saying I had to wait till Christmas day

Disneyland Paris - The middle of December saw my sister & I head off for a quick Christmas visit to Disneyland Paris which you probably read all about in my recent post. It was a brief trip but we made the most of it and staying at The Sequoia Lodge for the first time was absolutely perfect, it's such a well themed hotel and made the perfect place to stay for a wintery, Christmas visit. DLP seems to have become 'our little Disney' it's the place we head to for a couple of days of sister time, so it's become a little special to me just for that reason, we always have so much fun and lots of laughter, it's nice just to take a few days now and then to step away from every day life and have some quality sibling time

Disney World Planning - December marked two occasions for Lottie & I's upcoming trip, firstly we reached our Fastpass + day a few days before Christmas, which while not as fun as ADR day in my opinion it's still a great once because it means more plans are getting sorted but more importantly that the trip is getting ever so close. And then Boxing Day, this was the dreaded pay in full date, I love it really as it's when my excitement seems to go up another notch but let's be honest, know one really want's to have to hand over all that money, I was living in hope that Santa might have realised how good I'd been and sort it for me, but no such luck haha. It's now just 50 days till we jet off and we can finally say we go NEXT MONTH! 

And that sums up my December and some of the moments that brought me happiness in December, let me know what special things you did that made the month a happy one for you

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