Birthday wishlist

Having a January birthday means when everyone asks the yearly question "what do you want for your birthday?" it can be difficult to answer, it's just been Christmas so you've no doubt just had a number of things from your wishlist, you don't want to be too cheeky because you know everyone is pretty empty in the bank department and honestly, trying to think up another list of things you'd like or been lusting over less than a month or two after the last one is pretty damn tough at times.

But, this is me and I'm always lusting over something and putting this list together was much easier than I expected, so here's just some of the lovely things I've being eying up and hoping the birthday fairy might deliver for me (list aside, one thing I'd really love this year is a balloon because 1. I'm childish and 2. I've not had one in years haha)


  1. Love the Beauty and the Beast charms Mrs Potts and Chip are too cute.

  2. Those charms are amazing! Hope you have a lovely birthday :) x


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