Afternoon Tea at Millennium Hotel Mayfair

Afternoon Tea is something I have been wanting to do for years now and honestly have no reason to explain why I haven't other than I just haven't got around to it, until now that is. I mean cake, tea and prosecco, who wouldn't want to indulge in this kind of fun?

It was my gift this year from my Brother in law and I'm so glad I'm finally able to say I've done afternoon tea, it's definitely something I will be doing again too as it was so much fun and the food delicious, plus not to mention the countless amounts of tea this self confessed tea addict got to drink, it was a perfect way for me to spend an afternoon celebrating my birthday. As we arrived at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair I instantly thought it looked familiar and it did, I'd stayed there many years back and as I walked in it reminded me of the great time I'd had back then and what a lovely hotel it is and their afternoon tea did not disappoint either.

Once seated we were brought a glass of Prosecco along with our tea menu which had great selection (annoyingly I forgot to take many photos as I was so wrapped up in the surprise and enjoying it all). There was a great selection of teas and as I tend to drink a number of standard tetley tea cups every day I figured I should go out of that comfort zone and try something different so opted for a green tea with a lovely mint flavour, I wish I could remember exactly what it was called and what was in it because I really did enjoy it and would happily skip a few cups of my usual tea every week and replace it with this.

Soon our tea came out, followed by two of the gorgeous 3 tier cake stands with sandwiches filling the bottom layer, which included chicken, salmon, egg & cress and cucumber and of course I instantly reached to grab the chicken and cucumber options, they were delicious with a great amount of filling but the highlight for me, was the middle level, the most perfect warm scones that crumbled just the right amount as they were cut and were enjoyed with the perfect cream and jam

The food was absolutely perfect, as was the service, our tea was constantly refreshed and refilled as were our prosecco glasses which I like to see, no one wants an empty glass do they, especially when celebrating another year of turning 21, yeah I know, there's only so long I can keep trying to tell myself that one and have to come to the realisation that 21 was a long, long time ago haha!

I'm so glad I've finally ticked 'have afternoon tea' from my life to do list although it's something I'll definitely be doing again soon, I just hope where ever I go next it doesn't disappoint because it will have to be pretty great to compete with the Millennium Hotel Mayfair. 

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