WDW must do's: Magic Kingdom


With my next Disney World trip creeping ever so close, in fact it's just a couple of weeks now till payment is due, yuk, no one likes that part do they? I've been thinking about the must do's on my list for this trip, or at least I really hope to do's because despite this being my 6th trip to the most Magical place on earth, there are still things I haven't done.
I'm going to split the posts into each park and of course I have to start with my favourite, the park that every trip has to start with, Magic Kingdom and in less than 10 weeks now Lottie & I will be waking up on our first morning at Port Orleans Riverside and getting ready to "go running and racing and dancing and chasing and leaping and bounding, hair flying, heart pounding.." around Magic Kingdom! 

Welcome Show - it still disappoints and shocks me that despite visiting WDW since 2005 I am still yet to see this, Magic Kingdom is my favourite parks and I've watched this on youtube so many times yet I still haven't seen it in person. It was on my must do list for my trip last year but it just didn't happen, next year however, I am not leaving for home till I've seen it

Meet Rapunzel - On one of our many (yes, me and Lottie are MK addicts and have plans to spend a number of days there) I plan to Disneybound as one of my absolute favourite Princesses and of course, it would be very wrong if I didn't meet her while wearing my outfit inspired by her

Once Upon A Time - I love shows at Disney, especially evening ones and I've been excited to see this since it started in early November and have been well behaved and avoided watching online because I don't want to spoil it for myself, I try to do this as much as possible, if I know I'll be seeing a show in person even if it's a long wait then I'll try my absolute best not to spoil it for myself. As sad as I am that I won't get to watch Celebrate the Magic again, I'm excited to see something new

Walt Disney World Railroad - I have of course rode this before, a few times in fact but not on my last 2 trips and it's actually one of my favourite things to do at Magic Kingdom. It's a such a nice little break from the large crowds, to just go do loop around the park on it 

Sleepy Hallow - Every time I see a photo of one of those delicious looking Waffles I crave it, every trip I tell myself I'm going to try one and yet here I am, a few trips done and still haven't discovered if they taste as good as they look, this upcoming trip will be my time though

Of course there are many other characters I want to meet, rides I want to go and more importantly, food I want to eat but these are some of my top priorities, the countdown is getting smaller and smaller and the excitement is really hitting a high, just a couple of more weeks till we can say we're going THIS YEAR or rather NEXT MONTH!!!

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