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A little while back my lovely friend Lottie over at Lottie does wrote a great post titled "things I kinda want to do" as always with Lottie's blog posts, it was a great read. However, this one stood out to me more than others, mainly because it really got me thinking.
I wouldn't say I was the type of person that hugely struggled with change, in some circumstances it even excites me but some change isn't always good, some actually does scare me, some change makes me nervous if it's to do with routine or situations that I'm just comfortable in but in the last few years I've had to deal with quite big changes, some good and some, at the time not so good but I later came to realise the not so good stuff actually did me some good and in a weird way, was a blessing in disguise. In fact it helped realise that I can deal with change even better than I realised, that even if I'm comfortable in a situation I can cope with it becoming different, I can break traditions, do new things and I don't need to worry about it at all because in fact, it can be a fun and exciting thing.

So reading the list Lottie made about changes she'd like to make in her life got me thinking about the changes I'd like to make, maybe not huge things and maybe not right away but not too far in the future

Stop booking holidays to Disney - No, I don't never want to return to Disney and no I haven't fallen out of love with it in the slightest but I do realise there is a big world to see outside of Disney. Don't get me wrong I've been fortunate to visit other great places already but since being single I've always been pulled to booking Disney for my holidays, mainly I think because it's 'safe'. I know Disney, I feel safe, I know that even if I'm alone I'll still enjoy it but I need to give other places a chance, I want to tick more place of my bucket list and if I keep returning to Disney that isn't going to happen, so hello world...I'm coming for you

Stop wasting money - I should have got out of this habit years ago, being in my 30's I should know better than to waste money but nope, not me. Well actually that's not completely true, for some time I did get out of this bad habit, in fact I become so good with saving money but it seems when a major bad event happens in my life, I turn to spending and being extravagant but thankfully I've not got stuck in the rut I did in my younger days and am gradually getting better again with being more careful and trying not to swipe that little, fun piece of plastic every time I walk past one of my favourite shops and spot something else that I obviously couldn't forgive myself if I didn't buy

Stop feeling guilty & angry with myself - Not being in the best of health means that I can't always do everything I want to, I can't always meet up with friends, go for nights out and so on and that's always left me feeling pretty guilty. I hate letting people down, having plans and then at the last minute feeling too unwell to go through with them, not only does it make me feel guilty for letting my friends down but I get angry at myself. I hate that my health gets in the way of life at times and you'd think by now I'd just be used to it and to an extent I am because I don't personally know any different but yet there's still those moments and days where it bothers me and bothers me a lot and these feelings seem to be getting worse, maybe it's because as I'm getting older my health is getting worse so I notice it more and more but I need to stop. I need to just fully, 100% accept that this is just the way my life is and there's not a thing I can do to change it and just enjoy the good time

Step out of my comfort zone - this is more of a general one than about one thing in particular, wether it be fashion or makeup, an activity I'd never normally try or food I wouldn't even dare to eat, I want to change my ways and be more adventurous with these things, instead of saying no, I want my favourite phrase to be 'yes, I'll give it a try'. So here's to wearing trainers, crazy lipsticks and eating snails, ok maybe snails won't be on my list of things I'll be eating but let's see what new things I do try in the near future.

What is one thing you'd like to make a change with? or have you made any recently? I'd love to hear about it.

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