Happiness in November

Another month gone by, another 'Happiness in..' post and unbelievably the penultimate one of the year, how did it get to December already? does everyone else feel like we've just blinked and this year has ran past us or maybe it's just my age and it's true what they say that once we get older time just goes past us even quicker than ever before.

This month has been a bit of a quiet one for me, I've not really done much at all especially in the first half but that doesn't mean there haven't been moments of joy, so let's get on with what has been making me smile this month and then it's time to enjoy the fun and festive season which I'm sure will bring us all many happy times.

Seeing Thomas Rhett live - way back early in the year, around March time I booked tickets to see one of my favourite country artists and after a wait that felt like forever it was finally time. He was brilliant, I went with my sister, who since dragging to Country 2 Country this year, she has now also found love for Country music and we had such a good evening. I'd never been to such an intimate gig before, this was at Shepards Bush empire and I really think I enjoyed it more than I would if it were to have been at The o2, so I'm definitely hoping to do some more smaller gigs like that in the future

Starbucks red cups & festive treats - I'm not a coffee drinker, neither do I love hot chocolate, I'm the person that goes into Starbucks, Costa and so on and orders a tea, yes typical British person here but I do love trying the hot chocolates at Christmas time, it's not that I don't like it but I find it so sickly that I can't drink much but I tend to just get a small and enjoy what I can this time of year, mostly because I do love the pretty red cups and this year I was also introduced to the Turkey & Bacon baguettes and wow, they are one tasty sandwich, I'm sure I'll have lost count of how many I consume over the next month or so and no doubt be heartbroken once they're gone but for now, I'm enjoying that goodness!

Shopping - and boy have I been doing quite a bit of it but in my defence it is Christmas gifts too so that's very much allowed ;) I've made some wonderful Disney purchases too, a gorgeous print from Oh you pretty things, I'd had a frame sitting empty on a shelve for a couple of months now and was looking for the perfect print and when I spotted the 'Adventure is out there' one on Instagram I knew that was it, I also managed to track down a Disney jumper from Primark I'd been after for quite some time and best of all, I'm almost completely finished with buying Christmas gifts, yay! My sister & I decided to buy each other The Disney Store build your own advent calendar this year and I've loved finding things to put in hers and can't wait to discover what she's filled mine with 

Making more plans for 2017 - Tuesday evening brought a huge bolt of excitement, for a couple of years now I've been desperate to see Luke Bryan live and he announced some more tour dates for February & March and when I checked the dates I was so excited to see it was for when I was already in America, after Disney World I had a weekend free before flying home and was going to visit one of my good friends up in North Carolina but instead we've now booked a weekend in Boston, a place we've both wanted to visited and even more excitingly we'll be seeing one of our favourite country stars while there. To be honest this pretty much made my month haha!

Phone calls with friends - As mentioned above one of my very good friends, Tor is living in NC now, she moved out there in August and despite lots of text messages exchanged we'd not had a proper catch up on the phone, until this month. It was so good to talk to her properly, catch up, see how her new life is going and also make plans and get excited for finally seeing each other again next year

So there are some of my happy moments in November, now what about yours? let me know what's been making you smile this past month 

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