Disney travels: Ending the trip partying with Mickey

I seem to be taking forever to get all these posts wrote but if I'm honest, it's more of a case of dragging it out because when it's done it will symbolise the real end of it all, the trips been over for a while but I've dragged out these posts because it's helped with not admitting the obvious ;)

Unfortunately, there's only so long I can do that though and having been back over 2 months now in fact it's getting close to 3, it's probably time to write the last post on the amazing Disney adventure. As you've read about my time at Disneyland and then the Disney Cruise, it's now the last 2 nights of our trip and they were being spent at the most magical place on earth and in one of my absolute favourite WDW hotels, Animal Kingdom Lodge.

We were off the ship by around 9.30, if not a little before and quite frankly it was tough, it was sad and heartbreaking and honestly, despite Disney World waiting for us, I just wanted to run back on that gorgeous ship just docked there waiting for all the lucky passengers to board. If I'm honest and being very honest now, as much as I love WDW, you know how much I love it from all the times I keep revisiting and singing it's praises but there is a part of me that loves Disney cruises just that little bit more and if someone offered me a free 7 night trip for either it would likely be one of the toughest decision I'd ever have to make.
The drive was uneventful and once we were heading up to the famous Walt Disney World arches the sadness of being off the cruise lifted and excitement set in, I even think a little sequel came out haha and soon enough we were pulling up to Animal Kingdom Lodge, greeted by the wonderful phrase 'welcome home', is there any better feeling than arriving and hearing those words? it fills me with excitement and makes me leave all my worries and stresses at the door.

On my previous 2 stays here I'd always been in Jambo House but this time decided to have a little try and give Kidani Village a try, although nice and I think I slightly prefer the rooms and bathroom, overall I do prefer Jambo house as I don't think the lobby here has the same wow factor. We checked in and as I suspected, with it being so early our room wasn't ready so we headed off to Disney Springs, I almost wrote Downtown Disney then because if I'm honest I don't know I'll ever get used to that name change. I love the changes here though, all the new shops are such a great addition and it looks lovely, of course we had to say hello and 'donate' money to Sephora because quite frankly it would be rude not to and then it was time to part with even more money in World of Disney, I could spend so long in there. We ended up spending about 4 hours there, grabbing a delicious lunch at Earl of Sandwich and just having a good look around, however it appears I didn't take any photos I'm afraid, I think with the tiredness, sea legs, heat and just enjoying the new look and shops it slipped my mind.

We headed back to Animal Kingdom Lodge about 4pm as we had a dinner reservation at one of my absolute WDW favourites, Ohana at around 7.30pm and we all wanted a bit of a rest and some time to enjoy the resort, unfortunately our room still wasn't ready, in fact we had another 2 hour or so wait for it, yes it was around 6pm before we got in there and out plans for a rest were very much thrown out the window. I've actually never had this happen before and always got into the room either early or on time but Disney handled the issue wonderfully and finally we walked into our room and as always I was in complete awe and my sister absolutely wowed by it, she was so impressed seeing animals from the balcony and the beauty of the room which I was so glad about as I'd specifically booked the hotel for her as she's a huge animal lover.

As always dinner that evening did not disappoint, if you're considering Ohana, I highly recommend it as the food is so good and there's a lot of it and I've always had such great service in there, I think it was definitely a highlight for my sister too. After dinner we had a look around the resort and decided to hop on the Monorail to Grand Floridian to do the same, I had parked at The Polynesian but I love riding the monorail so decided to hop on that instead as it would be the only chance to ride it while there and we could also do the loop back which meant going past Magic Kingdom, if only for a peek it got me excited to be heading there the next day for Mickey's not so scary Halloween party!

The next day was a chilled one by the pool, I popped over to The Beach club for a bit to have a catch up with my friend Milly who is currently working at Epcot doing the CRP before heading back for a few hours of tanning before getting ready for the party. I'd never done MNSSHP, it was something that was on my to do list and I wanted to the year before, as we had a couple of days at WDW before flying home and obviously wanting to have some park time I felt like it was the perfect way to spend our last evening of such an amazing holiday.

We were allowed in the park from 4pm and got there a little after that as we wanted to make the most of it and had FP+ booked for a couple of rides plus dinner at Be our Guest which we were all so, so excited for, especially me as I was wearing my Belle Disneybound dress this evening and thought it was perfect for a date with The Beast.

The evening was amazing, not perfect but amazing anyway. Dinner was delicious, I'd only ever done lunch at Be our Guest so didn't know what to expect from dinner but I was not disappointed and meeting The Beast was such a highlight, I can't wait for my February trip with Lottie as e have both lunch and dinner ADR's booked.
The party did not disappoint either, it was such great fun and I loved all the trick or treat stations, the cast members were fantastic and the short queues for rides was a bonus. Ideally I'd have loved to have spent most of the time meeting characters, especially those that aren't always out but this wasn't just my trip and the rides were most important for my sister and mum and as I would no doubt be coming back at some point and not sure if they were, I felt it only right to let them take more of the lead and have fun doing what they really wanted to. We had managed to fit in quite a few rides and it was soon approaching time for HalloWishes so I suggested we go grab a good spot while we could and the plan after that was to go meet some of the important characters for me, mainly 7 dwarfs which was my absolute must and event highlight, they'd been on my dream character meet list for so long now. Unfortunately this is where the evening took a rather big turn, in the distance I could see lightening, not just a small amount either, but that typical, light up the whole sky, Florida lightening and before we knew it, with about 10 minutes to go there was an announcement that due to the weather HalloWishes would be delayed, we stay put for a little while in hope it would pass, of course it didn't, it got worse and actually was quite a great storm to watch, until....the rain set in and it certainly came down heavier than I had seen it since, well my trip the year before, typical Florida storm!

They still kept saying HalloWishes was delayed rather than cancelled so we decided to wait it out, hoping it would pass quickly and we could carry on with our night, I did not want to miss HalloWishes and I didn't want my sister missing it either, we used to time to look in the shops on Main Street but it wasn't looking good or like it would be ending soon and lots of people seemed to be making their way out the park, the rain at this point was extremely heavy and just running from shop shop was leaving you more than a little wet ;) we made it to Starbucks and decided to grab a drink and a sit down in the hope we could be back out enjoying ourselves once we'd drunk up and finally at about 11.45pm the rain eased off, the thunder pretty much cleared and it was back to enjoying the party, if one good thing came of the dreadful weather it was that we got such a brilliant spot on a pretty empty (considering it was fireworks time) Main Street for HalloWishes, in fact my sister has uploaded the recording to youtube which you can watch here, enjoy the lightening storm still happening in the background.
Due to mother nature it meant no meeting with the 7 Dwarfs for me :( or Lotso, or any characters for that matter, but that aside I still had such a brilliant evening and would certainly do the party again, it's definitely worth the money. We managed another ride on 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, caught the parade and said our goodbyes to Cinderella's Castle, despite my intentions to stay till I was last on Main Street we were all just too exhausted and people just weren't leaving so around 1am we caved in and headed to the bus stop for our transport back to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The next day we spent our last few hours, enjoying the hotel and sunshine and before we knew it the tragical express had pulled up and took us off the hell, otherwise known as the airport where we had a long wait because the flight was already delayed which we knew about before leaving the hotel and then got further delayed and it seems the storm had made a reappearance because it did not stop raining and thundering from the moment we were pulling up to the airport.

It was an absolutely amazing trip and I'm so glad I got to share it with my sister and show her around one of my favourites places in the world, introduce her to the perfection that is Disney cruise line and basically show her what she'd been missing out on haha!

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  1. This sounds like the trip of a lifetime, I'd love to do this one day!



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