Christmas time in Copenhagen

Last week, along with my sister and her husband I jetted off on a short flight over to Copenhagen for a couple of nights. We wanted to do a little break somewhere that would feel Christmassy with markets etc and when we spotted return flights on Ryanair for less than £20, our decision on where to go was made.

We had an early flight out on Thursday and al ate flight home Saturday which meant we had almost 3 days to explore the city and enjoy the beautiful Tivoli Gardens. Looking for hotels wasn't as easy as finding bargain flights, the city has some gorgeous hotels but as this trip wasn't one for luxury they were more expensive they we wanted to pay but then we came across The Mercur Hotel, while not a beautiful boutique or a stunning 5* hotel, it was in a great location and did the job we wanted, which was somewhere clean, comfortable, nice and not far from everything we wanted to see and do.

Copenhagen was cold and when I say cold, I mean I've probably never been so cold in my life, EVER! Now I know you're probably saying 'well what did you expect' and yes I expected it to feel cold, but the wind had such a cold chill to it that your face is numb within minutes of being outside and that's with being layered up, gloves, scarf, hat, there's just no escaping it and warming up, no amount of hot chocolate is going to do the job for long but in a way it did add to the festive feeling.

I had a list of must do's which were, of course to visit The Little mermaid statue which is the main reason I'd had Copenhagen on my 'to visit' list, Nyhavn and of course Tivoli Gardens which we did and then some of sights of the city, including Sephora and Disney Store because those places are like sightseeing spots wherever I go haha! I was gutted to find Disney Store no longer did the cups with the city names on, which I'm not sure if it's just in Copenhagen or all over now, I wanted to collect them wherever I visited but it seems my collection has been cut short at just the 2 I have, in fact they no longer see anything with Copenhagen on, boo to you Disney Store.

Tivoli Gardens was absolutely beautiful and definitely full on Christmas with all the decorations, beautiful fairy lights and snowy trees everywhere. I expected it to be quite pricey inside for food and drink but was pleasantly surprised, the food was no more expensive than outside and was very tasty, nothing like what you'd find in our theme parks or somewhere similar here in the UK.

Overall it was a beautiful 3 days and certainly put us in the festive mood but by the end of the trip we were ready to come home and leave the bitter cold weather behind, it wasn't that we didn't like it there or were fed up but we'd seen everything and honestly couldn't have taken spending another day out in the cold weather, freezing our faces off


  1. Copenhagen looks stunning! I am always so tempted by the bargain flights but I feel like the hotels will catch me out, will have to check yours out! Tivoli Gardens look gorgeous!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    1. We definitely got caught up in the excitement of cheap flights, finding reasonable hotels wasn't as easy but I'd definitely recommend the one we stayed at, Copenhagen is certainly worth a visit


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