Christmas Party Dresses

One of the things I really love about Christmas time and of course food, gifts, cosy movie nights all  aside, it's admiring all the gorgeous festive season dresses that appear in the shops. Unfortunately I don't tend to have many occasions that I have an excuse to completely dress up and sparkle from head to toe but that doesn't stop me admiring all the prettiness in stores and ok, I admit I can't help but give in and perhaps buy a dress or two, just in case because you never know when Prince Charming might come along and sweep you off your feet to take you to the ball.
And of course I just had to share some of my top picks with you all, incase you are lucky enough to need a stash of fabulous dresses for all those party nights. Jones & Jones and Chi Chi Clothing are two of my favourite places to look for dresses, especially when it's for a special occasion so it's no surprise that I've picked 2 dresses from each of those, although to be honest I'm lusting over almost everything on both the websites as always, but enough of my babbling on and let me get on with sharing my top 5 choices

Jones and Jones gold sequin dress

Jones and Jones Audrey tutu dress

Have you got your party dress(es) picked out for those special occasions over Christmas and New Year season? are you a full on sparkle like a christmas tree or more of a less is more kind of person when it comes to your Christmas outfits?


  1. Love your picks of party dresses, the first and last ones are my favourites. I don't have many occasions to wear pretty dresses either but I do like to wear them at christmas time, I picked up my dress from River Island a couple of weeks ago and they even have a petite range now so I won't have to wear calf length dresses when they should be knee length :) xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. Christmas just seems like the perfect excuse to wear them when you don't usually have the opportunities doesn't it?. Ooh I hope you'll be sharing pictures of it on your blog or Instagram, I didn't realise they were doing anything other than jeans in their petite range and for little me that's great news as I seem to have the same issue you do ;) x


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