A Perfect Christmas

It seems everyone absolutely loves this time of year, that Christmas is just so wonderful and amazing but I'm just not one of those, don't get me wrong I do love and enjoy Christmas and it is a special time of year to me but I just don't seem to love it the way I used to.
Growing up, it was so exciting and as it crept closer I'd get more and more excited, Christmas morning was the one time I'd never have an issue getting up haha, funny that with all those presents awaiting me under the tree. I've so many memories of all the funny, crazy things my sister & I did every Christmas growing up and then when I was older, had my own family, minus the child because yes, even without children a couple is a family, shock horror! 
There were traditions, we'd go ice skating every year and with the excitement of not knowing what 'Santa' would bring me I'd be thrown back to my childhood in a way and feel the same excitement I did all those years back but then that all ended and now, quite honestly the realisation of how boring Christmas day actually is has hit. 
It's not to do with being single, when I think back to my teenage years, my 20's being part of a couple it was still all boring then apart from those few hours spent giving and receiving gifts and then tucking into the delicious dinner, now I know that makes me sound like a terrible, greedy person if read the wrong way but I promise that isn't the case. You see, the real reason I think I see Christmas like this is because every single year for as long as I can remember, it's always been exactly the same and we've never done anything different, never gone anywhere new, never spent it with different people on different days, because I don't come from that big loving family that goes round visiting relatives for days, because they simply aren't there and there's only so many days you can spend with the same 3-5 people, sitting around eating the same food, doing the same thing and with the same rubbish on TV, I know I'm the Grinch.

However, despite all that, there's part of me that does love Christmas, of course I do, there's nothing better than spending quality time with loved ones but I just seemed to have reached the point in my life where I have this desire for it to be different, I would love to be sat on a beach with a cocktail or cruising somewhere beautiful. I do think it's different when you're in your 30's single or even a couple  and don't have children or even much of an extended family, because even my last couple of Christmases that were spent as a couple I wanted to just jet off somewhere rather than be at home.

Sunny climates and escaping Christmas aside, for years I've also had this fantasy Christmas, the one where I'd embrace everything Christmas is and it would it be perfectly festive, cold and full of family time with more food than we could eat, it would go a little like this

I, along with as many family members as could fit, or in reality I could adopt haha, would jump in the cars Christmas Eve morning, they'd be full to the brim with food, drinks, presents, games and most importantly very happy, cheery people and we'd head of to this beautiful cabin covered in snow. Inside would of course look like Christmas threw up on it, huge Christmas tree, fairy lights and decorations everywhere and a huge fire

We'd have fun outside in the snow, in the hot tub and even sitting around a coal pit helping us keep warm while we roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate. We'd all have matching pyjamas and have the most glorious Christmas breakfast followed by opening of gifts and lots of games and of course, they'd be the most beautiful dinner table set up to carve the turkey on, enjoy the good food and drink.
The fun, food and family time would continue till the day after Boxing Day when we'd head home feeling like we'd had the best Christmas ever and quite frankly sick of the site of food.

Do you have your ideal perfect Christmas in your mind or is the way you already celebrate the perfect way to you?

And lastly, as this will no doubt be my last post till after Christmas, I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a perfect time with loved ones no matter what your plans are

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