Making changes in life

A little while back my lovely friend Lottie over at Lottie does wrote a great post titled "things I kinda want to do" as always with Lottie's blog posts, it was a great read. However, this one stood out to me more than others, mainly because it really got me thinking.

A Perfect Christmas

It seems everyone absolutely loves this time of year, that Christmas is just so wonderful and amazing but I'm just not one of those, don't get me wrong I do love and enjoy Christmas and it is a special time of year to me but I just don't seem to love it the way I used to.

Disney travels: It's a very merry Disney time

Last week it was time to head off to Disneyland Paris for a mini Disney Christmas break, having an annual pass makes these frequent trips so much easier and more tempting and as my sister is such a huge Christmas fan it seemed right that she finally experienced Disney at this festive time.

WDW must do's: Magic Kingdom


With my next Disney World trip creeping ever so close, in fact it's just a couple of weeks now till payment is due, yuk, no one likes that part do they? I've been thinking about the must do's on my list for this trip, or at least I really hope to do's because despite this being my 6th trip to the most Magical place on earth, there are still things I haven't done.

Disney travels: Ending the trip partying with Mickey

I seem to be taking forever to get all these posts wrote but if I'm honest, it's more of a case of dragging it out because when it's done it will symbolise the real end of it all, the trips been over for a while but I've dragged out these posts because it's helped with not admitting the obvious ;)


Christmas time in Copenhagen

Last week, along with my sister and her husband I jetted off on a short flight over to Copenhagen for a couple of nights. We wanted to do a little break somewhere that would feel Christmassy with markets etc and when we spotted return flights on Ryanair for less than £20, our decision on where to go was made.

Christmas Party Dresses

One of the things I really love about Christmas time and of course food, gifts, cosy movie nights all  aside, it's admiring all the gorgeous festive season dresses that appear in the shops. Unfortunately I don't tend to have many occasions that I have an excuse to completely dress up and sparkle from head to toe but that doesn't stop me admiring all the prettiness in stores and ok, I admit I can't help but give in and perhaps buy a dress or two, just in case because you never know when Prince Charming might come along and sweep you off your feet to take you to the ball.

Happiness in November

Another month gone by, another 'Happiness in..' post and unbelievably the penultimate one of the year, how did it get to December already? does everyone else feel like we've just blinked and this year has ran past us or maybe it's just my age and it's true what they say that once we get older time just goes past us even quicker than ever before.
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