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Back in September you may remember I boarded an 11 hour flight to spend 4 nights trying out solo travel, if you haven't read all about the trip itself just pop here. I'd flown on my own before but not for anything longer than about 2 hours, although I had no fears or even little worries about that but actually being on holiday on my own was a bit of a huge step for me.

Travelling solo was something I wanted to try for a couple of years now, I'd learnt to live by myself, enjoy my own company and live a life revolved around just me so it logically seemed like the next step, I had booked a solo trip to Disneyland Paris for earlier in the year but that was just one night and there was also quite a few people that I knew there at the time so I spent very little time alone but this time it would be different, it would be a complete solo trip and quite a way from home.
As it was my first solo venture I, of course opted for somewhere I felt happy, safe and knew I would be busy so that there would be very little time for moments of loneliness or boredom to creep in. For the most part I had an amazing time and I enjoyed the freedom of doing what I wanted, when I wanted, to eat what and where I chose, but then there were of course the few little niggles, some which I'd thought about and expected and some which came as a bit of a surprise, if you're planning a solo trip these are just some of the things you'll want to prepare for.

You see, when travelling with someone you've always got that person there to talk to, chat about how fun the day was and yours & their favourite moments, to just have someone to get interaction from but travelling alone this isn't the case, there's no one next to you that you can quickly turn to and say "oh gosh, look at that" or "I loved that moment today when so & so happened" you seem to have very little conversation throughout your day. I found being alone I made much more of an effort to strike up conversation with people whereas in the past when travelling with someone this isn't something I'd go out of the way to do, wether it was waiters while ordering food, cast members around the parks or fellow Disney enthusiasts during a park tour I did, as someone who is shy around people I don't know or haven't met before this was a huge step for me and also a great way to gain some confidence in myself.

And then comes the photo taking, when you holiday as a couple, group of friends, family etc there's always someone there to take your photo, while you may have to stop a passer by, a cast member (if at Disney) if you want all of you in a photo, it won't be something that you'd have to do every time, travelling solo, expect the need to stop people pretty often if you want your photo taken, this is of course unless you;ve got perfectly long arms and perfected your selfie, although even then, I'm sure you'll want more than selfies to look back on. This did happen to be one of the situations I expected to find myself in though and to try and lower the need to stop every passer by to capture me in front of anything I felt worthwhile during my visit to The Happiest Place on Earth and then finding out they'd caught you on your bad side or pulling the ugliest face because you weren't quiet ready and having to delete 90% of the photos anyway, I decided to buy the Disneyland Photopass so that I knew I'd at least get some really good photos in some very important spots.

Eating alone, this was probably the one thing I was most nervous about because it's not something I do often, I could probably count on 1 hand the amount of times I've sat in a restaurant by myself but I had to do it, I had to get used to the idea because I wasn't going to spend the 5 days snacking and being too nervous to eat alone or that I'd look weird if I went into a restaurant and asked for a table for 1 but within 5 minutes of my first solo holiday meal I realised no one was taking any notice of the fact I was solo, looking at me weirdly like the loner in the corner with no friends and I found it actually came in handy, I could spend time on my phone catching up with people back home, social media etc and all guilt free because I wasn't be rude to my dinner companion sat opposite me wondering if I'd put the phone down before they were forced to rip it out my hand and drown it in my delicious cocktail.

With all that said, my solo trip was a wonderful learning and growth experience for me and something I'm so glad I finally did and knowing what it's actually like, would have no issues jumping on a plane and experiencing somewhere new by myself tomorrow. The trip really helped me gain some confidence, I learned to come out of my shell more and not be so shy, that talking to new people, whether it be about their day, where they're from or just little things is nothing to be nervous about, it is in fact good fun and interesting, you could learn about somewhere new, gets tips on the place you're visiting or hear a fascinating story. The freedom of it being just myself to worry about was amazing, to not have to worry if my fellow holiday companion wasn't hungry when I felt like I could eat every item from The Cheesecake factory or if they were bored after your 3rd consecutive ride on Big Thunder Mountain.

Have you ever travelled solo or thought about it? or is it something that really isn't in your comfort zone?

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  1. It's awesome that you did this. I did it as well, but I did a 14-day solo affair in the first two weeks of September 2016. We might have been there at the same time.

    One thing I did that helped is I vlogged the whole trip - though the videos haven't finished yet I'm halfway through. You can find them here:-

    A shorter blog post of what I concluded can be found here:

    I really enjoyed it and it was well worth doing!


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