Disney travels: It's a Fantasy come true...part 2

I'm finally back to share about the second half of my cruise, it feels like so long ago now that we were onboard and having the time of our lives, why does time after Disney trips go even faster than usual? the post Disney blues are still here though, there's still so many moments I just wish I could rewind time and be back on that holiday or enjoying the excitement in the run up to it but now it's just the memories that are left.
We had now done 2 out of the 3 of our planned port stops and our day in St Thomas was over and we were back onboard, instead of heading back to our stateroom we decided to go and grab a drink and some food and sit up on what became one of our favourite areas on the ship, Satellite Falls - the adult only deck. It looked like a storm was rolling in so we grabbed some loungers under the covered area and enjoyed our late lunch. We were a little late leaving St Thomas as there were 2 passengers who hadn't got back onboard in time, the ship waited a while but in the end left, rumour was that the passengers never did make it back.

I noticed on that evening's navigator that Belle would be out before and after dinner so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to wear my 'Belle' dress, I had got it for a Disney bound for Mickey's not so scary Halloween party after the cruise but as I wasn't certain I'd get the chance to meet Belle there I figured it wouldn't hurt to wear it twice and it went down a treat. I had such a wonderful meet with her, we laughed, we twirled, we talked dress, it was perfect, in fact I also met a few other characters that evening and it was such a fun night, Tiana was absolutely fabulous and I now have a huge place in my heart for her, we talked sparkles, me being her favourite person, dresses and being Princess, I honestly had some of the most perfect character meets on this cruise, they couldn't have been much better.

The next couple of days were as perfect as the last 5 but it was now beginning to dawn on us that the end of the cruise was creeping closer and closer, and yes it made me sad as the time went on, I felt so heartbroken that I'd have to get off the ship and leave the most perfect week behind, life onboard was a dream and quite honestly if I could have found a way to stay, I would have.
Our last sea day was spent more or less the same way as the previous ones, sipping cocktails, eating lots and sunbathing and a trip back to the spa to make use of the Rainforest pass we'd booked beforehand, which I HIGHLY recommend and was such a peaceful way to spend a couple of hours watching the world sail by. The pass was only around $15 and gave us access to steam rooms, tropical showers and the most relaxing part, the hot tubs and heated beds with a view of the ocean, the tiled beds were so heavenly to relax on, so much in fact that we laid down and woke up and hour later ;) apart from the fact the day started with a date with some special friends, I had a ticket for the Princess meets and got to see my good friends Belle and Tiana, plus Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa and Anna.

And then it was time for the day I was both really looking forward to but also dreading, it was our time to spend the day at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay but it was also our last full day, so many mixed emotions. Of course once off the ship we headed straight to the adults only beach where we spent pretty much all day, yep you guessed it, sipping cocktails and sunbathing. The sea here is just amazing, it's so shallow and you can walk so far out looking at the fish but watch out for those stingrays, no I'm not kidding! The BBQ lunch was as delicious as I remember from last time and we had great fun floating in the over sized rubber rings that we just couldn't figure out how to move in the direction we wanted so just floated around like lost souls in hope we wouldn't go so far out that we'd be stuck forever or eaten by a shark haha. 

Before we knew it the week had flown by, our evenings watching movies under the stars, sitting on our verandah loving life at sea and eating food till we couldn't possibly fit anymore in, it was all over  and it was time to disembark, the hardest although not the saddest, that is definitely the last night when you're saying goodbye to the wonderful team who have looked after you so amazingly for the last week, your servers, room host and every other person that has gone out their way to make the time onboard nothing but something to praise about, however the tears come after dinner of your last night, when you're in the atrium and the characters appear, everyone is gathered and it's time for the 'See ya real soon' show, I'm not joking when I say it doesn't matter how old you are, how 'tough' you think you are, you'll choke and up tears will be shed, because this is emotional and hard stuff, leaving a Disney cruise is the hardest part of any holiday you will ever encounter in your life and you don't think it will happen to you? IT WILL, just ask my sister, she said the same thing before se had to go through it ;) 

However, lucky for us the fun wasn't over just yet because we had 2 wonderful nights at Disney World staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge to enjoy before we had to be pulled kicking and screaming onto that dreaded flight back home.

* I'd just like to say a big apology for the quality or rather lack of in these photos, I had planned so many great shots I wanted to take but the time onboard and enjoyment just took over and I forgot. There isn't half as many photo's as I'd usually have and the blogger in me is really disappointed with myself that the photo's are either not the quality I'd like or I don't have ones I really wanted to take but the other half of me isn't so fussed, it was the first holiday my sister, mum & I had taken together in over 10 years so it was lovely to just enjoy every moment together rather than living it through a camera, I promise next time I'll put my blog first :) 

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