Happiness in October

This month has been a rather quiet one for me, not too much has been going on and not to mention October is always a bit of a tough month for me, it's the month my aunt passed away in, also the month I had both my miscarriages and the month that my life started to be turned upside down a few years back, so safe to say it's probably one of the least favourite months of the year. 

Binge watching tv shows - Does anyone else do this? once Autumn and the colder weather, along with those dreary days and darker evenings set in, I love finding a good TV series or 5 to watch and I'll end up binge watching a load of episodes and before I know it, it's 3am and I'm almost onto the next season, snuggled up under a cosy blanket and surrounded by empty wrappers of all the snacks I've consumed. The last couple of weeks, thanks to an Amazon prime subscription I've been glued to TV screen with any spare time I have watching Lucifer and The Fall, I'm all caught up with those now so any recommendations for others leave them in the comments

Pumpkin picking - I always thought Pumpkin patches were just an American thing, for some reason I'd not bothered looking to see if we had them in previous years but I decided this year it would be a fun afternoon if I could find one close enough and luckily I did. I'd only picked up Pumpkins in my local supermarket in previous years but it was actually a really fun way to spend an afternoon in the run up to Halloween and something that will now become a yearly tradition

Seasonal snacks - If food doesn't make you happy then you're doing life wrong I'm afraid and for me that's even more true towards the end of the year because when October roles around and as Halloween draws nearer, it means one great thing to me....toffee apples, since I can remember I've been obsessed with them and always got so excited when I spot them in the supermarket each year but there's one other thing that I'm always on the hunt for from the end of October onwards and get even more happy to see in the shops than I do for toffee apples. I'm talking Mr Kiplings Christmas slices, gawd I'm far too obsessed with these delightful slices of perfection, as soon as I lay my eyes on them I'm picking up all the boxes I can carry and trying not to eat all 9 from the pack in one day

Minnie - my little fluffy fur baby makes me happy everyday but as I'm writing this she's curled up, snuggled into my side and purring away, basically just being her absolute adorable self and therefore I really felt the need to mention her in this months post. She's been in my life nearly a year now and I honestly couldn't imagine it without her anymore, she's like my child, actually she's more clingy and needy than I imagine any child to be haha

Disney World - I've leave the best and most exciting one till last, earlier in the month I got a call from a cast member at WDW to discuss a few things and to cut a long story short, Lottie & I are very lucky to have extended our stay in February by a night and will be ending our trip on a huge high, staying at The Polynesian resort which is an absolute dream for me. Ending our last evening at Magic Kingdom, no doubt till closing an hoping on the monorail 'home' will be wonderful

Let me know some of the things that have made you happy and put a smile on your face during October?

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  1. I agree that October hasn't been kind to you over the years but it's good to look at the positives <3
    Oh I love Lucifer, haven't watched in a while & still on Season one but how good is it? Also the fact that he is quite easy on the eye helps too ;). I also thought pumpkin patches were an American thing but I did see quite a few people on Instagram show off their pics, our nearest one is about 100 miles away so Tesco it was for my pumpkins this year :D

    How exciting staying an extra night at WDW, I bet you can't wait :).

    The Life of Dee


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