Christmas wishlist

Why is it that all year round your wishlist grows like crazy almost on a weekly basis, every time you go on the internet you add another 5 items to it, you go window shopping and spot at least something in every shop and then christmas roles around and nothing. Your mind is blank and it seems when trying to come up with ideas to give others of gifts you like, there's just nothing you can find, well apart from that £1000+ handbag that no relative or friend has won the lottery to be able to afford for you.
However there are a few things I've been lusting over for a while or always love to receive come christmas time, who doesn't love a new pair of cute fluffy socks each year? so designer handbag and shoes aside here are just some of the things I've added to my letter to Santa this year

You may be surprised to see there's nothing Disney related on here, no I haven't had some kind of personality transplant or shockingly don't have anything Disney related I'm wishing for, in fact I've got a whole separate list for Disney gifts I'd love which I'll be sharing with you very soon.

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