Disney travels: Starting a Disney Fantasy

Somehow Friday just gone was 6 weeks since I said goodbye to Disneyland and flew from LA to Orlando for the next Disney filled fun part of my adventure, I honestly can't believe it was so long ago already, I still have post Disney blues, I still wish that I was back on that ship every. single. day and I still and probably forever will, wish I could just do the trip all over again.
Unfortunately the second part of the trip didn't get off to the best start, after waiting around in Orlando airport for what seemed hours, actually it was hours, our flights were landing within 30 minutes of each other but knowing my sisters flight was an international one I knew it could take a while for her to get through immigration and meet me at the planned spot, I waited and waited and waited and then I got worried, this wasn't right, they landed nearly 2 hours ago and were no where to be seen, then eventually I spotted her, walking from the monorail out into the main concourse, she didn't have the excited smile I was expecting, there were tears, but not the type we laughed and joked about happening and then I something dawned on me, I spotted something, she was only pulling her small hand luggage case and not the pretty, large turquoise one I'd helped her pack....she was here but her case wasn't, my heart sunk and I tried not to get upset for her as I didn't want to make her worse but inside I was gutted, angry and wanted to cry....Virgin had 'lost' her suitcase, the suitcase that contained all the outfits she'd planned, the new clothes and shoes she'd bought in excitement for this cruise, pretty much everything we'd spent hours going over and packing was no where to be seen and we were getting on a cruise the next day with no port days for another 3 days after that, we had to face facts that our planned evening was cancelled and we needed to rush to Target and Walmart and buy emergency clothes, toiletries and everything else she could think she'd need for quite possibly the whole week.

There wasn't anything we could do to get the case now and amazingly she did her absolute best to accept what had happened and just try to not let it spoil the holiday, after all we'd spent the past year planning and being full of excitement, no way was a suitcase of clothes and Virgin Atlantic's incompetence going to ruin this trip :)
It did however mean that I got none of the planned photos of our room at Art of Animation I'm afraid so I won't be doing the planned post on our stay there, but due to not getting back to our room till around 1am that night after hunting down dresses, bikinis, shoes and shorts etc and still being shocked, angry, upset and overly tired it all just didn't go through my mind. Again the next morning, my only task I could think in my head was to help my sister have nothing but a smile on her face, so again room photos were pushed to the back of my mind in replacement of making sure she was smiling as much as possible, showing her the resort and having lots of fun & giggles.

The next morning we loaded up the cases, well the ones that we did have in the car, checked out and headed of to Landscape of Flavours (Art of Animations food court) for some breakfast, knowing we only had about an hours drive to the port and we'd no doubt be heading straight for food once onboard the ship, well who doesn't when they're cruising? we opted for something light, plus we knew that would be quicker to eat than a full on breakfast and we were eager, very eager to see the beautiful Disney Fantasy in person and walk on with that happy, excited thoughts in our minds that this would be our 'home' for the next week.
We were soon driving out and saying goodbye to the lovely resort and on our way to Port Canaveral and before we knew it, we saw it, right there in the distance, our first sight of this absolute stunning ship, we squealed with excitement and soon enough were driving up to drop our luggage off, unfortunately we weren't dropping ourselves off quite yet which was extremely tormenting but we had to return the hire car and await the transfer bus back to the ship but soon enough we were heading through the little security bit, were checked in and then finally we were welcomed aboard The Disney Fantasy, and I'll be honest, I may have shed a little tear, I had been waiting for this moment for what seemed an eternity and I was so happy it was finally here and I was sharing it with 2 of the closest people in my life, I waited over a year to see my sister face beaming with happiness as she walked on and enjoyed the atriums beauty and it was just as I expected :)

We briefly walked around the ship to just enjoy it's beauty and see more of it before all declaring 'food time' and headed up to Cabana's, our first meal of course didn't disappoint, if you've ever been on a Disney cruise you'll know just how delicious it all is. We dipped our feet in one of the small pools, sat enjoying a drink in the sun up on one of the top decks and it was now late enough to get in our stateroom, I couldn't wait to see it.

It did not disappoint, on my past cruise we'd booked an inside room so having a verandah this time was a new luxury to me, but it was the bottle of Processco and Mickey Mouse cake that had caught my eye, my lovely sister had organised them as a little surprise for me, it was such a lovely thing to do and very much enjoyed. We dropped off our carry on bags, checked out the room a little, destroyed Mickey's face haha and went back up on to the top deck ready for the sail away party and to finally join in with that countdown before the horn blows and we're officially on vacation! again more tears were possibly just about being held back, I don't know what it is about the Disney cruise horn sounds but no matter if I hear them in person or on a video, I can't help but choke up and shed a little tear.

And with that we were sailing away and our week around the Eastern Caribbean had started.


  1. The ship looks amazing!
    I really hope to go on a Disney Cruise someday.


    1. The Disney ships are so beautiful, hopefully you get too someday soon :)

  2. How annoying that they lost your sister's suitcase, at least it gave you both an excuse for a shopping trip. The cruise ship looks amazing and so do your rooms, they don't look too small either. Hope you enjoyed the Prosecco & cake :)

    The Life of Dee

    1. unfortunately by the time we got out the airport and having to leave for the cruise the next morning it was more a case of grab what she could find than a good shopping trip :( but we made it work and it didn't spoil the trip too much, we didn't let it. The rooms are surprisingly quite spacious, for a cruise ship anyway and done really well with making as much storage as possible. Oh we certainly did haha ;)

  3. Oh wow it sounds like you had an amazing time! xx


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