Disney travels: It's a Fantasy come true...part 1

From the minute I stepped aboard my first cruise ship, the Disney Magic back in January 2014 I instantly knew it wouldn't be a one off. It was beautiful, and all my worries and fears about hating being on a cruise ships were quickly gone and replaced with feelings of Disney magic and pure joy. I spent a lot of time afterwards dreaming about booking another cruise, I had in fact booked 2 following that but both had to be cancelled, the 3rd time I booked again, I knew there was no way I wasn't going. And finally September 2016 came round and it was time to board the Disney Magic's bigger but younger sister, The Fantasy.

If you've been reading along in this serious of posts about my latest Disney adventure, you'll know what a great time we were already having after only being onboard for a few hours, well the week just carried on the same way and was full of high point after high point. If you're thinking about doing a Disney cruise, DO IT, you'll have no regrets.

The week mainly consisted of relaxation, and by that I mean sunbathing while sipping a cocktail or two, plenty of food and fun with some of my favourite characters then sleep and repeat, didn't I tell you cruises were great fun ;)

We had 3 nights to enjoy before we'd have our first port day, sun bathing and sipping cocktails aside we got to enjoy the spa, this included me having my first ever spa experience and I can't believe I've waited this long to have a spa treatment but it was definitely worth the wait. The spa onboard has the most loveliest staff and the views are perfect for helping you sit back, relax and enjoy. We also had formal night which I didn't get to experience on my 4 night cruise as they don't have them but this was something I was really looking forward to, because lets face it, who doesn't love to get dressed up and feel extra glamorous?

When it comes to Disney trips they're always magical, the cast members I encounter are always fabulous, the food is delicious and it's pretty much perfect from start to finish but a cruise, boy does a cruise mean all those things are going to be even higher on the perfection scale. The cast members that work on these ships go above and beyond, I cannot say enough good things to speak as highly of them as they deserve, they can't do enough for you and it feels like their aim is just to make your holiday the most wonderful and special occasion it can be and quite frankly, they do anything they can to help that happen. The food, considering how much food these chefs are actually having to prepare and make on a daily basis you wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't outstanding all day, every day but nope, not on a Disney cruise, the standard of the food especially at dinner is some of the best food I've ever eaten and if you want 2 main courses and 3 desserts, then please have them, it's no issue, I may or may not be talking from experience there!

Almost everyday when we would return to our stateroom late afternoon we'd find a new little treat in there, this was DCL's kind little gesture to help put a daily smile on our faces due to my sister's case getting lost even though it had absolutely nothing to do with them, the bookings were not connected, but from the minute we had explained at guest services what had happened (due to needing them to keep in contact with Virgin Atlantic for us) they went above and beyond to do all they could to still make the holiday as wonderful as possible. We had chocolate covered strawberries, huge rice krispie treats, a pack for pirate night, and many other little extras, it just confirmed to my sister, a first time DCL guest what I had told her all along, how wonderful & perfect everything is and how absolutely amazing the cast members are.

Before we knew it our 2 full days at sea had been & gone and it was Tuesday morning and we stepped out onto our Verandah to be met by stunning views of Tortola, part of the British Virgin islands. We didn't have any excursions booked for today but knew we wanted to spend time at one of the glorious beaches, upon leaving the ship there were taxis and an information desk so we asked for a beach recommendation and were taken to Cane Garden Bay where we spent about 3-4 hours enjoying the stunning views, beautiful turquoise sea and local rum, until the usual afternoon tropical rain set in, it didn't last long but we decided that was our sign to head back to the ship.

Our day in Tortola was over and as the sun was setting we were sailing off into the beautiful, open ocean again. That evening was Pirate night, this meant the majority of people got dressed up, the dinner menus were Caribbean themed and more importantly, it was fireworks night. I love that DCL have fireworks at sea and they're the only cruise line to do so, it was slightly different to the show I'd see when I was on the Disney Magic a couple of years ago which was great for me to see something different rather than the same thing again.
The next day was another port day and we'd be waking up in what is now one of my favourite places, St Thomas in the US Virgin islands.

* I'd just like to say a big apology for the quality or rather lack of in these photos, I had planned so many great shots I wanted to take but the time onboard and enjoyment just took over and I forgot. There isn't half as many photo's as I'd usually have and the blogger in me is really disappointed with myself that the photo's are either not the quality I'd like or I don't have ones I really wanted to take but the other half of me isn't so fussed, it was the first holiday my sister, mum & I had taken together in over 10 years so it was lovely to just enjoy every moment together rather than living it through a camera, I promise next time I'll put my blog first :) 

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