Disney travels: It's a diamond celebration...part 4

My last day in Disneyland had arrived, and it was a sad and depressing occasion, I just love it here so much and didn't want to leave, why couldn't they just let me stay forever? it's not like they don't have the room up in The Dream Suite ;) but I intended to end my stay with something fun....
Breakfast at Plaza Inn with Minnie and friends, being a huge Minnie Mouse fan I just had to book this as I knew I'd love it and I was right, it was so much fun and a great way to meet a number of characters and have some fun interactions. The food didn't wow me, just your standard Disney breakfast but I knew to expect that and breakfast here is all about the character meets.

I got to meet Minnie, Chip n Dale, Fairy Godmother, Suzy, Tigger, Captain Hook and Eeyore and felt the breakfast price tag was well worth it for the overall experience, highly recommend if you want to meet a number of characters without spending time queuing for them on separate occasions and filling your belly at the same time.
I spent the morning fitting in quite a few rides, making use of the single rider lines and fastpass helped but the park wasn't extremely busy today so wait times weren't too bad. I managed to do Indiana Jones, Pirates of the caribbean, Big thunder mountain, Matterhorn, Splash Mountain in a couple of hours, by then the sun was really starting to power through and it was getting extremely hot so I decided to just stroll around the park, do some shopping and bumping into more characters along the way, I really decided to just relax and enjoy my day today, I wanted to take everything in and not see most of it through my camera and phone so opted to hardly take those out today which unfortunately means there isn't many photos to share from today.

I headed down to Town Square mid afternoon to meet some of my favourite fur characters before leaving for a while as I planned on heading back to the hotel for a little break for my feet, drop the shopping back and pack as I wouldn't have time in the morning and knew I'd be too exhausted to do it all later. Of course I had to say hello to my favourite mouse, Minnie again and her best friend Daisy who was absolutely adorable, I love the photos the photopass photographer got for me.

However as I walked out of Disneyland Park I had a quick thought about having one last 'play' in California Adventure, the park entrances being opposite each other makes it so much easier to park hop, realising I hadn't met Olaf or Captain America I decided to make those my priority when I got in, fortunately meeting Olaf was easy, as I was amazed to find him with absolutely no wait, yay! but I didn't have the same luck with Captain America and I just couldn't be bothered to wait if I'm honest, so one last ride on Radiator Springs and California Screaming' before I headed out through Grand Californian hotel into Downtown Disney for some more shopping and a Starbucks stop for something refreshing and the use their wifi so I could FaceTime my sister who was extremely excited and bouncing of the walls knowing she was flying out to Orlando the next day to meet me.

I headed back to Disneyland early evening, the park was closing at 8pm so I had about 3 hours to play and as I'd pretty much done everything I wanted I just decided to carry on as I had earlier in the day and take a relax stroll around the park, jumping on a ride when it took my fancy and just enjoying the park and atmosphere, I didn't have my camera this evening as I accidentally left it at the hotel and my phone didn't have much battery left so again not many photos this evening I'm afraid.
As I got into the park though I did spot Mickey and had to make sure I gave him a goodbye hug and a  'see ya real soon' again it was a brilliant meet, I don't know what it is about Disneyland but all the character interactions seem to be so great, I've never had a bad one here, in fact they all stand out as great ones. Mickey absolutely loved my dress and was trying to call Minnie over to show her but she was surrounded by people but I made sure to tell him I'd shown her earlier and she loved it :)

I had my last rides on my favourites, of course including making Big Thunder mountain my very last ride of the trip, well at least the Disneyland part anyway, I tried to stay till I was the last one, or at least one of the very few left in the park but these people in California take forever to leave and I was aching, tired and had to be up at an extremely stupid hour in the morning for my 5.15am pick up so I just couldn't stay any longer, so I didn't quite get to tick off that goal on my bucket list but I'd done really well with my other things and had the best 4 days I could ask for, so despite being sad to leave I left beaming about my time in Disneyland and promised myself never to leave it so long again, it's just too special and wonderful here not to be back in the next couple of years.

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