Disney travels: It's a diamond celebration...part 3

Today started off with a huge amount of excitement, not that any day at a Disney park doesn't but today was exceptionally exciting, today I would tick something else off my Disney bucket list and no doubt spend a matter of occasions over the next 3 or so hours with tears in my eyes, yes I was excited to be crying haha but I was booked on the Walk in Walt's footsteps tour.
The tour was booked for 9.30 and park didn't open till 10am which also meant something else exciting, being in the park before opening and therefore an almost empty park for half an hour or so. Myself and the others on the tour took full advantage of this and grabbed some great photos of an empty Main Street, empty castle and Fantasyland, it felt really special and such a perfect way to start the tour.
First of though, our guide met us to give us our name tags, take our lunch orders and get us all set up with our headsets and then off we set.

I won't give much away about the tour because I don't want to spoil it for anyone that may be booked to do it or plan to in the future but it was worth every single dollar and more, it was the most special thing I'd ever experienced in a park (and I got engaged here, but the less said about that the better). Getting a tour of The Dream Suite was really special, I can't express how stunning it is in there, if anyone reading this is one of those special people who can make it happen for someone to stay the night there, well sort me out won't you haha, I need to take a bath in THAT tub!
Our tour guide was wonderful and full of information, admittedly it was a lot things I already knew from reading in books, hearing in documentaries etc but it was still lovely to hear it all while walking around the park, Walt's original Disney park where he saw his dream come to life.

Sadly, my time in The Dream suite was up and the tour was over, it had been a magical morning and as suspected tears were shed, especially at the part just before lunch which is not something I want to spoil but standing in front of the statue of Walt & Mickey, looking at the castle and hearing Walt's voice was one very emotional moment, Walt I thank you for making all these special moments and magical memories possible.

The rest of the day ended up being just as wonderful, in fact I'd go as far as saying this was probably one of my all time favourite days in any park I'd ever had, with starting the day with the wonderful tour and that followed by some brilliant character meets. I spent most of the afternoon and evening soaking up the Disney atmosphere, meeting some of my favourites, including the gorgeous Flynn, arrogant Gaston and a number of Princesses. 

It was also my first opportunity to watch Mickey's Soundsational Parade which I loved, it didn't beat Festival of Fantasy for me but it would take one heck of a parade to come close to competing with that one for me.
Unfortunately, during my stay there was no evening parade or fireworks during the week which was disappointing as I love ending a day at Disney watching the fireworks but this meant the park closed early at 8pm which in fact was a good thing for me because by that time I was exhausted and needed my bed, I know party animal here haha! So I spent that evening enjoying some rides, including many rides on one of my Disney favourites, Big Thunder Mountain which I love even more when it's dark so made sure it was my last ride of the evening. 

I felt a slight bit of sadness this evening, tomorrow would be my last day in the parks and it brought a bittersweet feeling, I was so gutted I had to leave Disneyland as I'd fallen in love with it even more on this visit and could have easily spent a lot more time here but it wasn't the end of my trip and had more exciting moments to come.

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